My performance of the week ending 1/11/20 on TV goes to…

Marlo Kelly as Beth Cassidy on USA Network’s Dare Me.

There’s a new mean girl in town and she can already give Regina George and Heather Chandler a run for their money.  Throw in some over-competitive cheerleading, dark secrets, obsession, and a possible murder, and she may just be crowned the new Queen Bee.

**Please note spoilers have been left out for your convenience.**

Dare Me has aired two episodes so far and I am already completely captivated by Beth Cassidy, played brilliantly by Marlo Kelly.  While a lot of the other characters have potential as well, there is something almost magnetic about Beth. Her wide eye stares and dangerous actions make her a potential modern day femme fatale, but there’s also several layers beneath this tough appearance.

Beth clearly has a weakness for her best friend, but we all know that obsession can be a deadly game, especially when someone gets in her way.  While the cheesy montages are a little bit much, Marlo nails every scene with unsettling perfection.  This may be her break-out role because she is destined for stardom.

In addition, Beth clearly has some family issues going on.  Her father moved in with his mistress across the street and their daughter is also on the squad, which causes even more drama during games and practice.  Being on top of the pyramid is not just a privilege…it’s a necessity, and Beth is willing to take out the competition while keeping a smile planted on her face.

Beth is already set up to face off against our main protagonist, Coach Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald), but will she be able to put her personal agenda aside for the good of the team?  I personally am looking forward to more interactions between these two because the tension is intense.

Coach Colette French does not initially seem to be intimidated by Beth, but she is not an ordinary teenage girl.  There is clearly this jealousy and rage brewing inside of Beth, but she is able to appear so calm and in control on the surface.  Sometimes, that can be even more dangerous; however, as Beth even keeps certain secrets from her best friend, Addy.  Beth is manipulative and calculating and yet we can’t turn away from her.

Marlo Kelly fearlessly embraces this beautiful dark role with perfect poise.  She is a scene stealer for sure and the main reason why I keep coming back for more every single week.

What’s next for Beth?  Well, there is this mystery unfolding slowly week after week and you have to wonder if Beth is behind a possible crime, but is she the obvious choice?  Beth has already demonstrated that she is not afraid to break the rules to get what she wants, but how far will she go?

I can’t wait to find out!  

Stay tuned for a recognized performance on TV each week!

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Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 3 episode 16: “BIG FUN”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 3 episode 16, I remembered why I love Riverdale so much.  It’s not always easy to do a musical episode, even though some shows have done an amazing job in the past, but Riverdale continues to provide us with the “BIG FUN” for sure.  It doesn’t feel forced or out of place, it just works and it gives us some great entertainment along the way, while continuing to further the plot.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Chapter Fifty-One:  BIG FUN,” our characters participate in the Heathers musical, but are in for a surprise when Evelyn Evernever is announced as the co-director of the play.  Meanwhile, Veronica’s family begins to fall apart, Toni and Cheryl have a dance-off filled with attitude, and Jughead tries to follow up on a lead that could tie back to his mother.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 3 episode 16 are:


“Let’s fight for us.”

Even though we have a fabulous musical going on, the drama continues between some of our favorite couples.  The cat is out of the bag, thanks to Evelyn’s obnoxious share time circle, and everyone now knows about Archie and Josie.  Veronica takes the news surprisingly well, but she is distracted with her own issues at home.  Is Archosie just “two lonely souls filling a void” or is there something more here?  Archie suggests that they take that leap of faith together and find out who they are as a couple.  Even though Josie is hesitant at first, it looks like Archosie is still going strong for now.


“You make me feel better.”

During the episode, Veronica finds out that her parents are separating and she is devastated by the news.  Even though the Lodge family is far from perfect, Veronica insists that they can all work together as a family, but Hiram coldly tells her that he knows about Hermione trying to have him killed and tells her that they are not a family anymore.  Veroncia requests that they show up one final time together at the musical so she can try and hold on to some kind of happy memory, which they agree to for their daughter’s sake, but Hiram is not someone you want to cross.  Now that he knows that his wife has betrayed him, what will be his next move?  Meanwhile, Veronica runs back into the arms of Reggie during all of this, desperately trying to feel something, but she realizes that Reggie has stronger feelings for her and that maybe this wasn’t the best decision, even though Veggie fans are rooting for them.  Are they end game?  I’m not so sure about that, but Reggie thinks that they should cool it for a while until Veronica can figure out what she wants.


“You let it go.”

Jughead finds out that his old trailer could be potentially used to make drugs and he is beyond upset.  Jughead still clings to many memories here, but he also wants to stop his mother’s drug operation.  Betty gives him some advice and explains that he can just let it go, but it looks like Betty is starting a trend of burning things to the ground.  Even though burning the trailer brings Bughead closer, I am worried that Betty’s darkness has re-surfaced, but will she take this rage out on the Farm or on someone she loves?


“Maybe it’s not too late for us.”

While everyone practices for the musical, Cheryl shows off that she is the ultimate HBIC or the “demon queen of high school,” as if she were made for the role of Heather Chandler.  However, Cheryl is less than thrilled when Kevin announces that Toni will be the choreographer.  Toni and Cheryl continue to clash during a dance-off and the tension escalates when Toni wears a red ensemble, as Cheryl reminds her that “I am red…here, I invented red.”  The bitch is back and I wasn’t really liking it, as Cheryl has come so far with the help of Toni.  Fear not Choni fans, Toni gives Cheryl an olive branch of sorts and the two finally talk about their fight, suggesting that it is not too late for them after all.  Cheryl is used to an “all or nothing” approach to love, but Toni tries to remind her that this is not always the way.  Our favorite couple is reunited and they even share a kiss, having Choni fans cheering everywhere. 


“I knew my dad would like it.”

Evelyn has been announced as the co-director of the play, which Betty is not thrilled about at all, recognizing an ulterior motive here.  Betty puts her spy skills to the test and finds out that Evelyn has been inducting some of her classmates into the Farm, but Principal Weatherbee seems unconvinced by Betty’s evidence, suggesting that perhaps he is also caught up with the Farm.  At the end of the musical, a slow clap begins, as Edgar Evernever, played by One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray, stands up.  Others follow his lead, suggesting that the Farm is everywhere, but will Betty and Jughead be able to get to the bottom of this now that Edgar is out in the open?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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