Ranking the top 5 moments from “Shameless” season 11 episode 9: “Survivors”

Happy Monday TV fans! After watching Showtime’s Shameless season 11 episode 9, we were reminded about the importance of having a true “home.” Not defined by the location or the walls, but by the people we love the most.

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not watched the latest episode yet.

In season 11, episode 9, “Survivors,” Ian and Mickey attempt to honor Terry’s last wish as they track down a woman from his past. Meanwhile, Liam worries about where he will live, Frank plans out the perfect heist, and Kev is left in charge of the girls.

My top 5 moments from Shameless season 11 episode 9 are:


“So this is the job?”

After Carl’s crash last week, he is now moving to the eviction team. He basically is there to provide support/back-up and watch people get evicted and he even has one of his former training officers back…Tipping. Tipping seems excited to be back, but is using way too many metaphors to promote his new philosophy.

Shameless season 11 episode 9 Carl

Images courtesy of Showtime

I have a feeling we may get to witness Carl work with every department on the force at this rate…


“It’s time for me to step up and be a father.”

“Now?” Frank decides to pull off the perfect heist he planned years ago at the Art Institute and attempts to put back together his old crew, but this proves to be more challenging than he realized when he learns that one is in a wheelchair, one is rich, and the other is dead.

Shameless season 11 episode 9 Franks heist

Images courtesy of Showtime

Frank’s memory continues to waver in and out, but it looks like he somehow pulled off the job. Does this mean that he is actually going to buy the Gallagher house?

I’d love to see that extra footage…


“You left Jemma and Amy with Kevin?”

I mean, he is there father as V points out, but V is busy helping her mom move to Kentucky. V is less than impressed with the new change of scenery, but it might be nice for the girls.

Shameless season 11 episode 9 Kev

Images courtesy of Showtime

Speaking of the girls, Kev has his hands full when he is in charge of watching them at the bar. The girls don’t listen to him and end up getting into the edibles and then running off. Kev is certainly trying his best, but these girls are running circles around him…

Let’s hope they are OK.


“We should at least try and find the bitch.”

Mickey is dealing with some mixed emotions after his father’s death. He finds a box marked “Rachel” with some old photos and an address. Ian and Mickey decide to track down Rachel and learn that she was Terry’s first love.

Shameless season 11 episode 9 Gallavich

Images courtesy of Showtime

The more they talk to Rachel, the more they begin to realize where Terry’s hate came from, as we learn that Rachel is Jewish and Terry was not allowed to marry her and she is now married to a black man.

Later on, Mickey decides to honor Terry’s wish to have him cremated, but they forgot to claim the body at the morgue and he’s off to a shared grave. Luckily, Ian and Mickey decide to light his remains up on fire anyway while giving us a delightful rendition of “I Will Survive.”

Seriously, these Gallavich moments have been absolutely amazing this season. They should do a spin-off! It looks like Mickey can move on, but it was nice to see a softer side of him.


“Are we selling or not?”

During the episode, Debbie continues to clash with Lip over selling the house and Liam is extremely worried that he is going to end up homeless. At the end of the episode, we witness two heartwarming moments.

Debbie reveals to Lip that she doesn’t want Franny to be alone and worries about her growing up without her family around. Lip promises that they will still have weekly dinners together, which was a nice gesture. I’d love to see that continue because the Gallagher family has to stay together in some capacity.

Meanwhile, Lip finally goes to talk to Liam about everything and tells him that he can live with him and Tami, which was a really touching moment. Liam always gets forgotten so this was really nice to see.

Although now that Frank stole that painting, I’m wondering what’s truly in store for the infamous Gallagher home…

Stay tuned Gallagher fans!

I hope you enjoyed the recap and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Shameless in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 Songs Performed on “Lucifer”

Happy Wednesday TV Fans! After recently completing my first full watch of Lucifer, I have to admit that I am beyond obsessed. I can’t wait for Netflix to release the season 5 premiere date and I am already ranking Lucifer as one of my favorite series of all time.

Seriously, it’s so good! I highly recommend it!

One of the reasons why I love Lucifer so much is because of the wonderful musical numbers. Tom Ellis is absolutely brilliant and fantastic and somehow turns some already epic songs into unique and timeless renditions. At first I was slightly skeptical about the musical numbers, but I quickly adapted and welcomed them on the show.

The showstopping numbers are entertaining on their own, but I love how some of the performances truly highlight some key moments on the show and even elevate them to something even greater.

Tom Ellis is born to perform, but I also was surprised and impressed by some of the supporting cast members as well, who should think about performing more often.

The performances somehow mirror our own moods, which is not always easy to do. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed did a fantastic job with this previously, but it’s difficult to seamlessly throw in musical numbers and Lucifer just makes it look effortless.

I’m hoping that we eventually get a full musical episode and perhaps we can see something like that in season 5 if we’re lucky, but for today, I am going to be ranking my top 5 songs performed on the series so far.

**Please note some spoilers are ahead if you are not up to date on the series.**

Without any further delay, let’s get to my list!

My Top 5 Songs Performed on Lucifer are:


Luck Be A Lady 

Song featured in Season 3, episode 6. Performed by Lucifer, featuring Ella!

In this episode, Lucifer and Ella head to Vegas to track down Candy. The team-up between Lucifer and Ella is hilarious on its own and they really make quite the duo! Ella looks absolutely stunning in her dress, but she also shares the stage with Lucifer during this performance.

Tom Ellis channels his Frank Sinatra with flair, but adding in Ella as one of the “Morningstar” backup dancers makes this number truly stand out. Hit him with your feather boa again, girl!


I Will Survive

Song featured in Season 3, episode 17. Performed by Axara and Lucifer.

After a pop singer’s life is in danger, she is supposed to remain on lockdown while the police figure this out, but Axara loves the spotlight and decides to perform to keep herself occupied. Only, Lucifer decides to stop the performance, but Axara refuses, forcing Lucifer to grab the microphone and…join in on the song.

The words actually match up with Lucifer trying to get Axara to leave, which is beyond hilarious and Axara may have just been outperformed by the original diva, Lucifer!


Eternal Flame

Song featured in Season 2, episode 14. Performed by Lucifer. Sings to Chloe.

After making fun of Chloe’s playlist, Lucifer takes things one step further. Chloe is trying to make her way through a club during an investigation and Lucifer decides to get on stage and dedicate one of her favorite songs to her. 

This moment is beyond sweet and adorable and Chloe’s reaction is everything in the crowd.

Later on in the series, we get to witness Chloe and Lucifer slow dancing to “Only You,” which is another one of my favorite moments, but Lucifer’s performance absolutely deserves a spot on our list today.



Song featured in Season 4, episode 9. Performed by Maze. Sings to Eve.

“Wonderwall” is already one of my favorite songs and happens to be performed on my absolute favorite series of all time, Lost. So, it’s safe to say that I have very high expectations here.

However, when Maze (my favorite character) decides to take a leap of faith and show a “grand gesture” to reveal her feelings to Eve, this song took on new meaning for me.

Maze’s performance is soulful and beautiful. Part of the reason why I love this performance so much is because we know that Maze rarely shows her vulnerability and she lets it all out in the open here, exposing her heart and reminding us that perhaps this demon really does have a soul after all…

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one pick are:

All Along the Watchtower (Season 2, episode 1)

Sinnerman (Season 1, episode 6)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Season 1, episode 9)

Drum roll please…



Song featured in Season 4, episode 1. Performed by Lucifer.

Tom Ellis is beyond brilliant during this performance. I think I have listened to this rendition a thousand times and may even prefer it to the original song…it’s that good. Part of what makes it so epic is it mirrors Lucifer’s own inner battle. Lucifer is at a breaking point and is trying to figure out who he really is and what his purpose is.

Every single breath he takes and every note makes you sympathize with his struggle, stirring so many emotions at once. This performance truly moves me and showcases just how incredibly talented Tom Ellis is. Perfection…

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on your favorite songs performed on Lucifer. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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