Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” Season 4 Episode 1 Season Premiere: “We Will Never Forget You Fred”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 4 episode 1 season premiere, I am in tears.  In fact, I was in tears throughout the entire episode, but I remembered that no one is every truly gone if we continue to honor them in what we do next.  Please note MAJOR spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet. 

In tonight’s episode, “Chapter Fifty-Eight:  In Memoriam,” the gang gets ready for the 4th of July and everything seems to be really quiet in town…until Archie receives a phone call that will alter his life forever.  My top 5 moments from the Riverdale season 4 episode 1 season premiere are:


“I have to bring him home…”

In the beginning of the episode, Archie receives a phone call while he is at Pop’s and discovers that his father has been killed in a hit and run.  Archie is beyond devastated and shocked and so are his friends and mother.  Even his dog whimpers quietly by the door, which immediately broke my heart.  Archie decides that he wants to bring his father’s body home and his friends agree to help him along the way.

The sudden passing of Luke Perry toward the end of season 3 shook everyone, but the show did not truly get a chance to give him a proper goodbye before.  While I knew that something like this was coming, I was not prepared for this incredibly emotional and heartbreaking episode. 

Even though it was extremely difficult to watch and hit very close to home for me, it was something that Fred Andrews earned and something that Luke Perry deserved even more, reminding us just how many lives he has truly touched and how much he is missed every single day.


“I’m just paying my respects.”

It truly meant the world to me to see Shannen Doherty guest star on this particular episode to pay tribute to her good friend, Luke Perry.  I grew up watching her and Luke Perry on Beverly Hills, 90210 and both of them made a huge impact on my life.

Brenda gif

When I recently watched the BH90210 reboot, the tasteful tribute for Luke Perry was done perfectly and I thought it was so appropriate for us to see Luke Perry’s journey come full circle here.

Welcome to paradise 1

Doherty plays the woman that Fred saved on the road and while she doesn’t have a huge part, her presence was so powerful.  Seeing her standing next to Archie and the others truly allowed Luke’s memory to live on, seeing where he started and where he ended up, living on in every role he played.


“Whenever he looked at you, there was pride in his eyes.”

After discovering the identity of the man who killed his father, Archie decides to track him down to take justice into his own hands.  When Archie realizes that the man is innocent and is merely trying to protect his young son who made a mistake, Archie realizes how he could have been in this very same situation with his own father.

Archie feels ashamed and thinks he let his father down, but Veronica has a supporting and meaningful moment with him, telling him how proud his father truly was of him.  Sometimes Varchie can be over-dramatic, but I thought this was such a simple and perfect moment for them and I’m hoping Veronica can help him get through this because he is going to need her.


“We will never forget you Fred.”

After Cheryl initially feels some type of way about a parade on 4th of July, she has an immediate change of heart when she finds out what happened to Fred.  Cheryl and Toni go to see Mrs. Andrews and Cheryl explains that she knows what it feels like and she wants to do something for their family. 

When Archie brings his father home, the entire town is waiting and there are signs showing their love and admiration of Fred, which was incredibly heartwarming to see.  Even though this town has had its fair share of tragedy and misfortune, everyone comes together now to honor a man who always just tried to do his best and help others.


“Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale…I’m going to honor him.”

I thought that Archie’s eulogy was beautiful and simple, but he talked about how his father helped build this town and it’s clear that Fred made an impact on everyone in it…even Hiram Lodge, who ends up doing the right thing by paying for all of the costs.

Archie says that his father was the greatest man he’s ever known and hopes that his spirit and memory will live on.  At the end of the episode, each character has a moment to self-reflect and mourn and we end with Archie going into the garage.  We actually see some past clips of Fred; right before the camera zooms out, leaving us with the photograph of Fred and Archie together.

Luke Perry 10 9

This was probably the most incredible episode I have watched of the series.  Yes, it took a break from the drama and the mystery we have come to know and love, but it truly dedicated itself to a character and an actor who was so inspiring.  I feel incredibly honored to have witnessed a true tribute that was so beautiful and well done.

Thank you, Riverdale for providing Fred and Luke with this tribute.

Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale and Luke Perry will always be in our hearts.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Thank you so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Riverdale” season 3 episode 14: “Fire Walk With Me”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Riverdale season 3 episode 14, we were reminded that “running isn’t going to solve anything.”  However, what happens when “the hunters become the hunted?”  Do you accept your fate or do you set a new path?  A path of danger and destruction that might lead you back to the darkness you have tried so hard to keep at bay.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In tonight’s episode, “Chapter Forty-Nine:  Fire Walk With Me,” Archie tries to help a boy named Ricky who has the same branding as him.  Meanwhile, Jughead sets up a new chapter for the Serpents, Toni and Cheryl continue to drift apart, and Betty has had enough.  My top 5 moments from Riverdale season 3 episode 14 are:


“One more strike and you’re done in my school.”

Both Toni and Jughead are lectured by Principal Weatherbee after some equipment is stolen from the chemistry lab.  I guess someone has been watching reruns of Breaking Bad, as we later learn that Kurtz is responsible.  Kurtz is bad news and Jughead tries to get through to him, but Kurtz says, “I play by a different set of rules.”  Jughead refuses to give up; however, as he enlists the help of his father, FP.  FP proposes that the Serpents work for him and help solve cases and that they will receive money and credit for college as well, which seems like a pretty good deal to me.  Will this keep the Serpents out of trouble for good?  We’ll have to see, but it looks like a new chapter is starting for them.  Way to go, Jughead!


“You are a detractor.”

During the episode, Betty continues to be snubbed by Kevin, who has embraced the Farm with open arms.  Betty tries to reason with Kevin, but he tells her that she is a detractor and doesn’t want to hear it.  After Betty witnesses Kevin walking on a fire pit to prove himself to the Farm, she is threatened by Evelyn, who reminds her that “everyone at the Farm knows all of your dirty secrets.”  Betty is forced to keep her mouth shut as a result, but we know that our modern day Nancy Drew will not stay quiet for long, as she debates her next move.  Look out Evelyn Evernever, Betty is not someone you want to mess with!


“I’m running my business my way.”

Veronica realizes that all of her money is going to her father and Gladys and decides that she will open up the secret casino again to add in some extra cash flow.  Veronica has really thought of everything, as she even comes up with clever hiding spots for the evidence in case they are raided.  Veronica tells her father that she will pay him, but she is going to run her business her way, as she enlists the help of Toni and the Pretty Poisons to keep everything secure and to keep Gladys out.  However, something tells me that Gladys doesn’t like taking no for an answer, so we’ll have to see how this unfolds.  Also, I’m glad that Toni is taking her leadership role seriously, but it seems like our favorite couple, Choni, is falling apart.  Can they fix things before it is too late?  Let’s hope so!


“You’re playing me?”

Archie meets a young boy named Ricky, who has been hiding out at the gym.  Archie realizes that Ricky has the same brand on him, which means sacrifice and he is determined to help him.  Archie has been in his shoes and he knows what it is like to be on the run so he instantly forms a connection to Ricky.  However, we learn that Ricky is actually Joaquin’s little brother and he has gotten mixed up with the Gargoyles, as he tries to take down the Red Paladin himself.  Archie is frustrated by this betrayal and it seems like he can’t trust anyone anymore.  Perhaps it is time for Archie to bring the fight directly to the Gargoyle King, but we still have to determine who that is first.


“I guess I just feel a lot better about things.”

At the end of the episode, Betty is upset with her mother for selling their house.  Alice keeps busy by packing boxes, but Betty seems distant and distracted, as she stares at a burning candle.  Later on, Betty meets up with Jughead and Archie to bring the team together again and says that she feels a lot better about things.  Alice walks into her house and sees that it is on fire, which means that Betty has taken a page out of Cheryl Blossom’s book, as she takes her anger out in a destructive way.  Betty has kept the darkness away for quite some time now, but has it just re-surfaced?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but I’m worried about our girl, Betty for sure.  

I also want to take a minute to say that I am incredibly saddened by the news of Luke Perry’s passing.  I grew up watching him as Pike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210, and I continued to be blessed to witness his performance as Fred Andrews on Riverdale. Here are some of my favorite memories of him below.  RIP Luke Perry.


Brenda gif.gif

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Riverdale in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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