Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Purge” season 1 episode 4: “You’re the Only Reason I’m Here”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the USA network’s The Purge season 1 episode 4 last night, the voice over reminded us that “humans have been the most vicious animals all along.  Man invented fire, man invented weapons, man invented purge.”  The voice over further explained that “man wasn’t designed to be polite.  Man was designed to survive.”  While we know that our need to survive is always present, that doesn’t mean that we need to “release the beast.”  There is always a balance for everything and we just have to remember that.  However, this is sometimes easier said than done on Purge Night.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Release the Beast,” Miguel continues to try and find Penelope, who has now been taken to the “Carnival of Flesh.”  Meanwhile, we learn more about Jenna, Lila, and Rick’s past together and Jane tries to cancel her order, but runs into some trouble along the way.  My top 5 moments from The Purge season 1 episode 4 are:


“I changed my mind.”

After Alison brutally murders her co-worker, Mark, Jane is beyond upset.  Even Alison panics and says that she feels worse than before and worries that Jane is going to tell her parents.  Priorities right?  After witnessing this, Jane has second thoughts about what she has put into motion and tries to call it off.  She realizes that David doesn’t deserve this fate and makes a call to cancel her order.  Jane only gets a voicemail and realizes that she will need to go outside to find David and save him before it’s too late.  She also makes a call and tries to get a message to her mother, stressing that she forgives her.  But what does she forgive her for?  Jane grabs a hammer and heads outside, but is attacked and drugged on the way.  Luckily for Jane, she is rescued by the “Matron Saints.”  They are a group of women who teach other women about self defense, safety on Purge Night, and rescue women on the actual night.  They explain that they just want to level the playing field, as many women are sexually assaulted and attacked on Purge Night.  Jane still has to make it to David, but it looks like she will be along for the ride for at least a little while longer.  Will she be able to stop her Purge order before it’s too late?


“Man was designed to survive.”

For the past few episodes, we have heard the voice over of an unidentified man who also wears a mask and eliminates threats on Purge Night.  At the end of this episode, he finally takes his mask off and we meet a new player who is upset to find more victims of the Purge.  While we don’t know much about him or whether he is really a friend or foe, he seems to be some kind of Purge Vigilante.  Either way, the mask has been removed and hopefully we will get some more information on him next week.


“It’s like the McDonald’s of Purge.  Super Sizing killing…”

During the episode, we learn that Penelope has been taken to the “Carnival of Flesh,” which is “a celebration of killing through the ages.”  Seriously The Purge is corrupting everything I enjoy.  First fun houses and now carnivals.  What’s next?  The carnival is filled with paying customers who are ready to sport their new “Urge to Purge” tee shirts and experience “purging” like their ancestors.  There is a section for “witch trials” and the “fall of Saigon,” giving customers a plethora of options.  Penelope gets a wake-up call and is shocked by the behavior of these people.  She tries to help an old man who is pushed to the ground and mistakes her for his granddaughter.  Penelope tries to stay strong when she is taken on stage to be auctioned off as a “martyr” of sorts, but it’s clear that she is getting a whole new perspective on what humanity is capable of.  Penelope is auctioned off for two thousand dollars and we quickly learn that Henry from her past is responsible for the winning bid.  Penelope is terrified to see him and we know that they had some kind of past relationship that did not end well.  While we still have a lot to find about him, Henry is clearly twisted and disturbed.  He seems to have some kind of obsession with Penelope and I am definitely worried about her safety.  Come on Miguel!  Your sister needs you.


“It’s above your pay grade kid.”

Miguel looks for the help of Pete the Cop once again and asks him about “The Nuns” who took his sister.  Pete is hesitant to help him at first, but further explains that helping Miguel prevents him from becoming completely numb on Purge Night.  He refers Miguel to a man in a cowboy hat who can take him where he needs to go.  The man in the cowboy hat initially seems to be a good guy, but everyone has some kind of darkness inside them.  On the way to the Carnival, the man gives Miguel some life lessons.  Life lesson number one:  “When someone is helping, you don’t interrupt.”  Life lesson number two:  “Stop living in the past.”  Life lesson number three:  “Living your dream don’t come cheap.”  The man in the cowboy hat perhaps missed his calling as a life coach, but Miguel soon learns that he is a “collector.”  He is transporting a victim to the Carnival when he gives Miguel a ride.  Miguel tries to do what is right all the time, but will he sit by and let this happen so that he can get to his sister in time?  We’re about to see if Miguel’s moral compass can be truly corrupted.


“You’re the only reason I’m here.”

In this episode, we finally get a more detailed flashback to Jenna, Lila, and Rick’s past.  We learn that Jenna and Rick’s encounter with Lila was not a one time thing and they both made an agreement to only be with her together, otherwise it would be considered cheating.  Seems reasonable enough.  Only Jenna begins to fall for Lila and continues an affair with her.  Rick walks in on them and is beyond devastated.  He asks Jenna how he can trust her now and Jenna promises never to see Lila again.  Flash forward to the present and we see that Jenna is definitely having second thoughts about this promise now that Lila has returned.  We also get to learn a little bit more about Lila who explains that “I’ve been closing my eyes and covering my ears at these things since before I can remember.”  Lila has been rebelling against her family by trying to help others.  She also recognizes that Jenna and her are not like everyone else and are the exceptions.  Lila does plant a seed; however, and tells Jenna that she fears that Rick may be more interested in the money.  She even tells Jenna that she would be willing to raise the baby with her and asks Jenna to really think this over.  Jenna is definitely at a literal crossroads when an announcement is made about the festivities beginning.  She looks over at Lila walking up the staircase and Rick who is motioning her over to him.  Before Jenna can make a decision, the maid approaches her and tells her that she has to get out of the house now.  While we can only imagine what will take place next on Purge Night, it makes me wonder why Jenna is singled out here.  Either way, Jenna has a lot on her plate and has a big decision to make.  I am definitely on Team Lila for sure, but something tells me that Rick will not give up so easily.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Purge below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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