Ranking the top 5 moments from “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 episode 13: “It Helped More Than You Will Ever Know”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 13, I realized that even the smallest gestures can make a tremendous impact.  The work that Morgan and the rest of the gang are doing is so important and they are touching lives every day.  It just goes to show you that a small act of kindness can go a long way.  We can apply that to our everyday lives as well, but it’s important to remember that heroes can emerge through many different acts.  You don’t have to literally save the world to become one.  You just have to open your heart to others and treat them the way you want to be treated and then some.  It may seem insignificant, but these actions can truly make a difference.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Blackjack,” we follow Victor and John after the storm and quickly realize that a dangerous threat has emerged in the water.  Meanwhile, Luciana crosses paths with a stranger in need of help and Morgan speaks to the mysterious lady villain again.  My top 5 moments from Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 13 are:


“Whoever gets the kill wins the bill.”

I have to say that I absolutely love the addition of Wendell, Sarah, and Jim to the series.  They are bringing some much needed comedy to the heavy and emotional episodes, which really helps balance and elevate the show.  During the episode, Jim is frightened when he detects a walker headed their way and keeps asking Wendell to give him a gun.  Wendell refuses to give him the gun, but hilariously asks him, “You want a rock?”  As the walker comes up behind him, Wendell’s weapons protrude from the back of his wheelchair, as he pins the walker in place.  Wendell is excited to win the point, but Sarah gets the kill and reminds us that “whoever gets the kill wins the bill.”  While this moment may seem insignificant compared to the ones we are about to get to, it’s important to be able to laugh a little bit during the show.  These characters live in such harsh conditions and need to hang on to every bit of fun they can find, even if it’s just for a moment.


“I know who you really are.”

During the episode, the mysterious lady villain is back and radios over to Morgan when the group tries to reach out to Quinn, who only responds with undead moans and groans to June’s horror.  Morgan recognizes her voice, but is confused about how she knows who he is.  The woman tells him that Quinn is not weak anymore and that she let him become what he was meant to be, which reminds us just how twisted she is.  The woman also tells Morgan that she knows a lot about him and warns him not to leave the boxes anymore.  She explains, “If you stop trying to help people then you’ll be strong again.”  While we don’t know how much this woman really knows about Morgan or what her ultimate goal is, I’m intrigued to find out.  Either way, Morgan quickly understands that this woman is extremely dangerous and a threat to his people.


“You just got to fight for that next day.”

During the episode, we finally catch up with Victor and John and discover that they are stranded on some kind of island after the storm.  To make matters worse, there is a gator lurking in the waters, snacking on walkers left and right, which makes it even harder for Victor and John to escape.  John is a believer and tries to help Victor become one too and shows him the candy he found, which is June’s favorite.  He explains that “little things like this make you want to keep fighting.  If we don’t fight for everyday, we’re no different than the past.”  While John is a true believer, Victor is a realist and these two clash quite a bit, but perhaps they can help each other more than they realize.  Victor finally opens up and reveals that “I drink to forget that I don’t have anyone to drink with anymore.  I only have things to look back on.”  This moment is particularly heartbreaking because we know that Victor is referring to Madison, his dear friend and drinking partner.  John offers to have a drink with him, but only once they cross the water, which is easier said than done.  When they get about half way, they realize that they are not going to make it.  The gator continues to wreak havoc on the dead and John tries to believe that they can get across, but Victor tells him that they can’t, as they both swim to shore defeated.  Their food rationings are running out and John even has to eat the candy that he was saving for June, but all hope is not gone yet.  Hopefully Morgan and the others can help them before it’s too late.


“It helped more than you will ever know.”

We also catch up with Luciana during this episode, who is out looking for Charlie.  She quickly crosses paths with an older man named Clayton who is severely injured and pinned in a car.  Luciana tries to stay positive, but soon realizes that she will not be able to save his life.  Luciana asks him if there is anything she can do for him and Clayton responds, “I’d love to have one last beer.”  Luciana tells him that he is going to get one and sets out on a quest to find this one last comfort for her new friend.  The two continue to radio back and forth while she is out looking and Clayton refers to her as “little lady,” which is absolutely adorable.  Luciana explains that she has things to make up for and Clayton gives her some good advice, explaining that even though she can’t help him, it doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to help someone else.  Luciana continues to search for a beer and even finds some root beer along the way, but her quest seems hopeless until she finds one of the boxes that Morgan left.  The beer is inside and she sees the note about radioing channel 4 if she needs help.  Luciana is able to give the beer to Clayton and opens up about not being able to do anything for Nick when he died.  Clayton reveals that he used to drive trucks and gives Luciana some notebooks with helpful information she may need about where supplies are.  When she ultimately radios out to channel 4, she thanks them for what they left, explaining how much it actually helped.  Luciana is shocked to hear Morgan on the other end and is able to reunite with her friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Luciana and Clayton during this episode.  While it seemed like Luciana was going on a journey of self-discovery, she had a friend to keep her company along the way and at the same time, she was able to truly be there for Clayton in his last moments.  The Lost fan in me can’t help but saying, “Live together, die alone” here as this quote seems to truly summarize what we just witnessed in this episode.


“It doesn’t make us weak.  It makes all of us stronger.”

At the end of the episode, we also see Charlie and Alicia and they get in touch with Morgan after finding one of the boxes as well.  During the conversation; however, the mysterious woman interrupts and tells Morgan that she tried to tell him not to do this.  Morgan tells her that helping others makes us all stronger and wants to help her as well.  The woman is not too receptive to Morgan’s offer; however, as she pulls up behind the truck in Al’s van and opens fire on them.  While we don’t yet know the fate of our favorite characters, it looks like we will finally find out some more information about this new villain next week.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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