Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Walking Dead” season 9 episode 12: “Crying Is Weak”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season 9 episode 12, I realized that it is possible for people to change, but it’s difficult to let our guard down and trust them again.  Do we take the chance or do we continue to play it safe because of the potential consequences?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Guardians,” we meet Beta and get a glimpse into life as a Whisperer.  Meanwhile, Daryl and Connie show off some synchronized slaying, Eugene gives Gabriel some advice, and Michonne makes a big decision.  My top 5 moments from The Walking Dead season 9 episode 12 are:


“You be a damn fool to let her go.”

So, I almost felt like Gabriel was auditioning for a role on Maury, as he reminded Eugene that he is not the father of Rosita’s baby, which makes things more than complicated.  Rosita is upfront with Gabriel and leaves the choice up to him, but he is clearly very conflicted over what to do next.  Eugene has strong feelings for Rosita as well and just wants her to be happy.  He provides Gabriel with some advice and looks on, as Gabriel approaches Rosita and Siddiq toward the end, implying that they are all embracing this complicated situation together. 


“You can’t keep a big dog locked up forever.”

Michonne approaches Negan and asks him why he came back to Alexandria.  Michonne demands answers and Negan tells her that he has truly changed and that he can help her.  Negan hears everything from his cell and he can be very useful, but Michonne is not buying it whatsoever at this point.  However, Negan makes some very valid points that should be considered.  He had the chance to run and he came back, but Michonne is very guarded, refusing to believe that Negan can become a productive member of society.  Just let him out already!


“Crying is weak.”

Lydia was not joking when she said that you do not want to cross her mother, Alpha.  In this episode, heads literally roll, as Alpha makes an example out of a couple who try to undermine her authority.  Alpha shows no mercy and decapitates the woman right in front of everyone.  Her husband, or boyfriend, begins crying and Alpha whispers, “Crying is weak,” right before she stabs him.  Remember there’s no crying in the zombie apocalypse!

No crying

Alpha is proving to be a very formidable villain, but she clearly still has a weak spot for her daughter, Lydia.  However, I think that the true beast within her will be unleashed if Lydia betrays her, which may make her almost unstoppable.  She seems to focus a lot on being like an animal, which can be extremely dangerous, but it’s all about survival of the fittest now.   


“People don’t really change.  You did.”

Michonne confronts Judith about talking to Negan and tries to tell her, “He is not your friend.”  Judith explains that Negan truly listens to her, but Michonne doesn’t want her anywhere near him.  Judith proves to be wise beyond her years, as she reminds Michonne that he is still a human being.  Michonne has a lot of feelings bottled up inside her and she begins to finally reflect on some of her decisions.  She decides that she will ultimately help The Kingdom and recognizes that everyone has the right to “weigh the risks and choose.”  It’s always a gamble to take a chance when there are so many threats, but Michonne’s talks with Negan and Judith clearly had an impact on her.


“Kill him…”

So, my own personal favorite moment was when Lydia punched Henry in the face.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  Henry winds up in a dangerous situation now, as he tells Alpha, “I came for her.”  Alpha recognizes that she can use Henry to her advantage, but Beta also reminds her that her daughter may have feelings for him.  Alpha puts this to the test and commands Lydia to kill Henry or Beta will kill them both.  Lydia is shocked by this and is clearly very conflicted, but some hungry walkers break the tension and begin attacking the camp.  Daryl uses this distraction to get Henry out of there, but Henry refuses to go without Lydia, as they all head off together.  What will Alpha do now that her daughter has willingly left?  Has Lydia truly switched sides?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Walking Dead below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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