My Ship of the week ending 3/23/19 on TV goes to…

Cheryl and Toni on Riverdale, better known as Choni!  So, lately my heart has been sinking because my favorite couple on the show has been drifting apart and I feared that they might break up forever.  Cheryl channeled her rage into the Heathers musical in episode, “BIG FUN,” and Toni has been searching for her own identity for a few episodes now.  Cheryl and Toni continued to clash during the musical, which led to some serious tension, as Cheryl began resorting back to her mean girl ways.  However, Toni later approached Cheryl to get to the root cause of Cheryl’s anger, revealing a lot about what Cheryl thinks about love.  This gave Choni fans the opportunity to see a glimmer of hope and love between these two.  It doesn’t always have to be “all or nothing,” as relationships are about compromise as well.

The epic kiss between these two reminded us that the passionate spark has not burned out just yet and hopefully Cheryl and Toni can work together to build back an even stronger relationship.  Cheryl and Toni have a love that is passionate and beautiful, but it is much more than the steamy moments together.  Toni has been such an important influence on Cheryl’s life, showing her that she does not always need to keep her guard up.  In return, Cheryl has provided Toni with the opportunity to truly show off her talent, always seeing the potential and the good in her, which has helped Toni believe in herself.

What’s next for Choni?  We’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but I would love to see these two continue to build up their relationship.  Cheryl and Toni are both very passionate women and sometimes tempers flare, but I’m hoping that they can talk things out, rather than pushing each other away, because these two are absolutely end game for me!

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