Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Walking Dead” season 9 episode 16: “The Storm”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season 9 episode 16, Ezekiel reminded us that “things fall apart.”  However, “it’s knowing when to keep fighting and knowing when it’s over.”  But is it ever really over?  The threats continue to pour in and our characters are tested again and again, but somehow they continue to survive even when it feels like the entire world is against them.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “The Storm,” winter is the real enemy, but the walkers are not really up for a snow ball fight either.  Meanwhile, Lydia gets up close and personal with a walker, Dog goes missing, Carol tries to cope with her loss, and Negan is finally let out of the cage.  My top 5 moments from The Walking Dead season 9 episode 16 season finale are:


“You don’t have to protect me.”

In the beginning of the episode, the characters start to flee or prepare for the brutal winter storm that is headed their way.  We get to listen in on some chatter on the way and find out that apparently we need to send a raven in order to get a response from Maggie, but I appreciate that they are trying to keep that story-line open.  Lydia is not really a welcomed guest, but Daryl refuses to let anyone talk to her with disrespect.  Lydia feels extremely guilty and tells Daryl that he doesn’t have to protect her, but Daryl reminds her that “it’s their problem, not yours.”  I love that Daryl is looking after Lydia here because he obviously wants to do something nice for Henry, but I think Daryl also sees a lot of himself in Lydia as well.  Daryl believes that she is a good kid and is willing to help her, but Carol is having a tough time, as she explains, “Every time I look at her, all I see is him.”


“It’s like Christmas to me.”

Back in Alexandria, the characters realize that they need to find a suitable place to get warm, but Gabriel recognizes that they have to let Negan out or he will freeze to death.  Finally!  Negan does not disappoint, as he hilariously comments on the “hot little quadrangle” we have to entertain us, which doesn’t really amuse Rosita and her suitors.  Negan takes it one step further and tells Gabriel, “Your girl’s doc is also your girl’s baby daddy,” but refuses to have his comments be called predictable.  He later says, “Father…not the Father” to keep the laughs coming for us, which reminded me why I love Negan’s character so much.  He may not have too many fans in Alexandria, but he absolutely kept me entertained.


“You’re not weak.”

Lydia’s guilt is overwhelming her and she ends up getting up close and personal with a walker stuck in the snow.  Lydia closes her eyes and starts bringing her arm toward its mouth, but Carol interrupts this before anything can happen.  Later on, Lydia tells Carol that her son is dead because of her.  In a heartbreaking moment, she says, “Henry said I was a good person, but he was wrong.”  She asks Carol to kill her, hoping to fix everything.  Carol’s grief has been consuming her and it was beyond heartbreaking to watch her go through Henry’s box of things.  However, Carol knows that Henry truly cared about Lydia and is still a good person.  Carol doesn’t grant Lydia her request and simply tells her, “You’re not weak,” which I thought was a really important moment between these two.  Carol and Lydia may never really form a close bond, but they both have a shared love for Henry, which is a link that will never be severed.


“I feel like I’m losing myself again.”

Carol continues to lean on Daryl’s shoulder, but Ezekiel is not exactly pleased.  He later approaches Daryl and asks him not to continue on to Hilltop with them once they are out of the storm.  Ezekiel explains that he is not trying to be the bad guy, but that he wants to give Carol and him a fresh start after everything they have been through.  Daryl doesn’t give him an answer, but he does later ask Carol what she wants him to do.  The bond and friendship between Daryl and Carol is so strong, but Daryl is willing to walk away if that’s what Carol needs.  Daryl and Carol have been through a lot together so it’s understandable why Carol is leaning on him so much, but it doesn’t make it any easier for Ezekiel.  At the end of the episode, Carol decides to go to Alexandria and gives Ezekiel back his ring.  Ezekiel tells Carol that he’ll never stop loving her and Carol says, “I’ll never regret the fairy-tale,” which broke my heart.  Carol has been through unimaginable horrors and I just want her to have something good, but I think it will take a very long time before she is able to open up her heart again.  Carol needs to heal, but she has to do this on her own so that she doesn’t lose herself again.


“Thank you for saving her.”

We get some action during the episode, as the walkers begin popping out of the snow while Daryl and the others cross into Alpha’s territory to get to safety.  Daryl even cleverly uses an icicle as an interesting choice of weapon.  Meanwhile, Judith also gets herself into trouble when she runs after Dog in the middle of the storm.  Negan rushes after her and tells her, “You’re just trying to get a little extra Negan time.”  I mean, we’ll take all the Negan screen time we can get.  Negan saves Judith and Dog, but has injured his leg severely.  Luckily, they make it out OK and Michonne later approaches Negan to thank him for saving his daughter.  This is a very big moment, revealing that perhaps Negan can make a difference after all, even though Michonne has had a hard time accepting this.  Does this mean that Negan will be out in the open from now on?  I really hope so because I think that he can truly prove his worth in Alexandria.  Negan also leaves us with a very important observation.  Michonne risked a lot by cutting into Alpha’s territory, but will there be consequences?  Negan explains that “no one ever thinks that they’re the evil one” and he’s spot on.  We cut to Alpha briefly who says, “I’ll need to be stronger for what comes next,” as Beta begins whipping her arm.  No wonder Lydia has so many issues.

So what exactly is coming next?  It certainly gives us some setup for season 10, but we’ll have to wait to find out.  We are also left with a mysterious voice coming over the radio at the very end.  So who is on the other end?  Is it an old friend or a new potential ally?  It sounded like a female.  Is it possible that this is a crossover from Fear the Walking Dead? Maggie? Someone connected to Rick?  I’m not sure, but it definitely keeps my interest invested, as I am looking forward to finding out more.  Overall, the episode provided us with a nice balance of setup and action.  Nothing was going to compare to the shock of episode 15, but I still thought that the season finale had a lot of important moments and it really gave us a chance to connect with some of our favorite characters even more.  Stay tuned for season 10 and don’t forget that Fear the Walking Dead begins June 2nd!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Walking Dead below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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  1. It was nice to see weather (I know they had a storm once or twice but it seems like they’ve been living in perpetual summer for the most part!) Really nice episode overall. Interested to see what they do with Carol. I think most fans have been expecting her to go back into Terminator mode so we shall see. Enjoyed your recaps!

    1. Thanks and yes I totally agree! Really interested to see what happens next with both her and Negan. So much potential for both of their characters and I’m really liking Daryl’s progression and his link to Lydia! Not sure if you watch Fear the Walking Dead also but the new trailer looks amazing!

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