My Ship of the week ending 8/3/19 on TV goes to…

Diana and Enzo on Younger!  Even though Liza’s relationships get the most attention on the show, Diana and Enzo deserve some recognition for being one of the most adorable ships I have seen on television in a long time.  From the first moment Enzo walked into Diana’s life as the plumber from Staten Island, I fell in love with these two and I will continue to ship them together.

**Please note some spoilers are ahead if you have not watched season 6 episode 7 yet.  Even though Diana and Enzo come from different worlds, they are willing to meet each other halfway.  Diana has actually grown so much as a character because of her relationship with Enzo, as she even finds herself boarding a ferry to Staten Island and putting up with Enzo’s judgmental mother, which is no easy task!

Diana has made some mistakes when it comes to Enzo, but she risks it all and throws appearances out the window when she finds out he is trapped in the sewer.  Even though Enzo is covered in filth, Diana embraces him, refusing to let him go.  We have witnessed so many passionate and swoon-worthy moments between these two and Diana even writes about her tale of love in the paper, revealing that she does have a softer, romantic side and reminding us that it’s never too late to find that kind of epic love that some only dream about.  

I really enjoyed Diana’s article where she talked about truly appreciating and loving the person next to you because at the end of the day, that’s the person of your dreams.  He or she may not be everything you thought you wanted, but perhaps they make you a better person and help you become a greater version of yourself.

In season 6 episode 7, Diana begins to panic when she finds out that Enzo has previously had a “one year expiration date” on all of his past relationships.  Only our girl Diana has nothing to worry about because she truly is one of a kind, as Enzo decides to spontaneously propose to her!  Diana initially comments on the lack of ring, but decides to just go with it and enthusiastically says yes, embracing the possibility of true love.

With all of the drama surrounding Charliza, Josh, and Kelsey and Zane, it was nice to just truly appreciate a couple that is head over heels in love and I can’t say enough good things about this ship.  What’s next for Diana and Enzo?  It will be interesting to see Enzo’s mother become Diana’s mother-in-law, but we know that she can hold her own!  Either way, this ship is timeless, passionate, and inspiring and I will continue to root for Diana and Enzo against all odds!

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