Spoiler-Free Review of “The Order” Season 2 on Netflix: Surprisingly Addicting with Amazing Guest Stars

**This is a SPOILER-FREE review so feel free to read on!**

“It can’t be a secret society if outsiders know your secrets…”

The Order season two premiered on Netflix on June 18th 2020. It features 10 episodes (47-50 minutes in length) and it stars Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Adam DiMarco, Katharine Isabelle, and Louriza Tronco.

Secret societies, dark magic rituals, and werewolves are back for season two, as we pick up right where we left off.

Season two is jam-packed with quite a lot, but are we ready to sign up for the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

The Order Season 2 Netflix 4
Images courtesy of Netflix

Deliciously dark magic rituals.

I thought that season two did an even better job than season one with bringing us into some serious dark magic rituals. Whether our favorite characters were performing a spell or summoning a demon, there were some cringe-worthy scenes that really allowed this series to embrace its supernatural horror qualities. 

The Order Season 2 Netflix 5
Images courtesy of Netflix

More please!

Villaness worthy Vera Stone!

The Order Season 2 Netflix 1
Images courtesy of Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see a spin-off series featuring Vera and maybe we could throw in Mary Wardwell (Lilith) from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I think they would make a bewitching tag team.

Vera is the Villaness you love to hate, but we actually get to see several sides of her in season two, which added to the growth of her character. She’s strong, sexy, and a bad-ass magic practitioner you do not want to cross.

Her wardrobe is absolutely incredible as well!

Incredible Guest Stars!

The Order Season 2 Netflix 3
Images courtesy of Netflix

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Beverly Hills, 90210 fans will be beyond ecstatic when they see who appears on screen. I thought this was so much fun and I was cheering for these cameos/characters more than some of the main characters. The guest stars actually helped lighten up some of the heavy teen drama going on, which I appreciated. You won’t be disappointed!

The Cons:

The Order Season 2 Netflix 2
Images courtesy of Netflix

Too reliant on ships.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good ship and I didn’t even really mind the will-they-won’t-they vibe between Jack and Alyssa, but the show relied a little too much on some of these teen drama moments and it didn’t really need them. This made it seem like more of a watered down version of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Charmed (reboot) and The Vampire Diaries at times.

The Order is actually really dark and different on its own and when it centers around these ships for too long, you start to make comparisons…

A lot going on.

I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a con, but you need to pay attention. There are a lot of characters and a lot of plot twists. I strongly recommend watching season two right after season one or at least watching the recap.

So am I in or out?

The Order Season 2 Netflix 6
Images courtesy of Netflix

I’m in! This show is really entertaining and the twists and character dynamics will keep you invested. I actually may have enjoyed it even more than season one.

The Order is binge-watch worthy and I highly recommend it, especially since there is a gap in new shows and episodes right now.

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on The Order in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the 10 Most Iconic Songs Featured on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Happy Throwback Thursday TV Fans! Since many of my favorite shows are not airing new episodes this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit one of my favorite shows of all time…Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

One of the reasons why I adore this show so much is because the music is so fitting and perfect. We don’t just get random bands playing or background for a soundtrack. We witness these beautiful and earth-shattering moments on the show accompanied by the perfect piece of music.

If I even hear some of these songs now, I am immediately transported to a particular moment or scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While some of the songs listed have been featured by performers on the show, others may be lesser known, and some are even from the musical episode, “Once More, With Feeling.”

One thing is for certain…these songs are beautiful on their own, but when they are paired with epic moments on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, they become something even greater, filled with passion, heartbreak, and soul searching.

**Please note some spoilers are ahead if you have not watched the full series yet.**

Without any further delay, let’s get to my list!

My Top 10 Iconic Songs Featured on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are:


I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Melanie Doane)

Buffy Family
Song featured in episode “Family” (5×6)

Who could forget this magical and romantic moment between Willow and Tara? After Tara tells Willow how she always makes her feel so special, we witness a beautiful slow dance between them and we even get to see some levitating as well. Talk about walking on air!


Rest in Peace (James Marsters)

Once More, With Feeling 1
Song featured in episode “Once More, With Feeling” (6×7)

I love every single song in the musical episode, but there has to be something said about Spike’s edgy rock performance of this one. He sings his heart out for Buffy with one of my favorite lines of all time: “If my heart could beat, it would break my chest.” Swoon!


Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch)

Goodbye to You Buffy
Song featured in episode “Tabula Rasa” (6×8)

I love Michelle Branch and was so excited to see her perform this song on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy featured many wonderful performers at The Bronze, but there was something extra magnetic about this performance. It was paired perfectly with several heartbreaking moments going on in the episode.

We witness Tara and Giles leaving and Buffy and Spike kissing in The Bronze, reminding us that so much has changed, but sometimes we need to walk away from those we love the most.


Under Your Spell (Amber Benson)

Under your Spell 1
Song featured in episode “Once More, With Feeling” (6×7)

Another beautiful and magical moment for Willow and Tara. Their costumes are lovely, they walk through the park on a beautiful day, and let’s throw in the fact that Amber Benson has an amazing singing voice! Wow!


Blue (Angie Hart)

Blue Buffy
Song featured in episode “Conversations with Dead People” (7×7)

You really have to be in the right mood to listen to this song and watch this episode. The slow melodic feel really accompanies the opening moments of this episode to perfection. The haunting melody mirrors everything that our characters are going through. There is this feeling of loneliness creeping in and it is amplified by the soundtrack, proving once again how incredible this series is.


Something to Sing About (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Buffy SOmething to Sing About
Song featured in episode “Once More, With Feeling” (6×7)

Another one of my all time favorite songs featured in the musical episode. Seriously, is there anything Joss Whedon can’t do? Sarah Michelle Gellar gives us an incredible performance with some welcomed backup from Tara and Anya. This song is catchy and entertaining, but there is also this huge reveal in it that completely shatters everyone, including the audience. Talk about a powerful song!


Full of Grace (Sarah McLachlan)

Becoming Part 2
Song featured in episode “Becoming Part 2” (2×22)

This is probably one of the most memorable songs for me ever on the series and part of that is because it is featured in my all time favorite episode…Becoming Part 2. Buffy is forced to kill Angel to save the world after his soul is restored, which is one of the most heartbreaking moments I have ever witnessed on any show.

If you weren’t crying already, we then listen to this song as Buffy prepares to leave Sunnydale behind for good, unable to cope with what has just happened.


Walk Through the Fire (Sarah Michelle Gellar & Cast)

Buffy Walk Through the Fire
Song featured in episode “Once More, With Feeling” (6×7)

My absolute favorite song of the musical episode! The lyrics are dark and beautiful, but I also love that it starts off with Sarah Michelle Gellar alone, mirroring her destiny as the chosen one in this indescribable pain and then cuts to the other characters, reminding us that they are all in this together. Beautiful song and amazing cast!


Wild Horses (The Sundays)

Wild Horses
Song featured in episode “The Prom” (3×20)

Probably the ultimate Bangel moment for me. Even though the beautiful Bangel instrumental music that typically is in the background is epic enough, they deserved another song to truly put them into the spotlight.

After Buffy’s classmates actually prove that they have noticed all she has done for them by awarding her with the “Class Protector” award, Buffy’s night is not over yet. Even though Angel is leaving town, he decides to surprise Buffy at the prom and we get to witness a beautiful and romantic slow dance between them. Perfection!

Quick shout out to “They Got The Mustard Out!!!!”

Drum roll please…


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme Song (Nerf Herder)

BTVS Theme
Theme song for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m really not sure how I could have possibly placed the iconic theme song at any other spot. It deserves the number one spot today and it is incredibly catchy and memorable. It is probably my favorite theme song of all time on any show and it perfectly captures the essence of our bad-ass slayer, Buffy Summers.

This is the only song that I ever learned to play on the guitar and I will forever be proud of that!

I hope you enjoyed the list Scoobies and Slayers and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments on your favorite songs featured on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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Ranking my top 5 moments featuring Buffy and Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  As I near the end of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-watch, it really got me thinking about how many epic moments there are between Buffy and Spike.  While I tend to prefer Buffy and Angel together romantically, I cannot ignore the spark between these two and I’m sure that Spuffy fans would agree.

For today, I am going to be ranking the top 5 moments featuring Buffy and Spike.  I was having a little bit of trouble deciding because there are so many outstanding moments and I did ask for input from Spuffy fans on Twitter as well.  Thank you so much for your help and participation!  I’m glad to know that I was not the only one having trouble with this, but I think that really proves that all of these Spuffy moments truly stand the test of time.

Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the full series yet. 

My top 5 moments featuring Buffy and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are:


Porch scene

The porch scene (Moment from “Fool for Love” season 5, episode 7).

Front porch.gif

During this episode, Buffy seeks out Spike’s help after she is almost killed by a vampire.  Spike has killed two slayers in his lifetime and Buffy is looking to find out more about this.  We get to see a glimpse into Spike’s past and learn that he was previously a “bloody awful poet” before being turned into a vampire.

During present day, Spike has the chip in his head and is beyond furious with Buffy after she tells him that he is beneath her, which is what Cecily said to Spike so many years ago.  Spike decides that he is going to kill Buffy to even the score, but has a sudden change of heart when he sees her crying on the porch.

Buffy has just found out that her mother is extremely sick and she takes a moment outside to try and deal with this.  In a beautiful and selfless moment, Spike simply asks Buffy “what’s wrong” and sits next to her on the porch in silence.  Buffy may not be ready to talk about it just yet, but this gesture is very much appreciated and reveals that Spike is capable of friendship and goodness even before his soul is returned.



Buffy kisses Spike as “Buffybot” (Moment from “Intervention” season 5, episode 18).

During this episode, Spike’s “Buffybot” is both hilarious and slightly disturbing.  Spike’s infatuation with Buffy has reached a new level, as he “role plays” with Warren’s creation.  Glory’s minions notice that “Buffybot” is protecting Spike as if he were “precious” and mistake him for the key.  Glory tortures Spike badly, but he refuses to give Dawn up because he knows that it would destroy Buffy.

At the end of the episode, the real Buffy pretends to be “Buffybot” to find out what Spike said.  After Spike reveals that he did not tell her anything, Buffy kisses him.  This is the first “real” kiss between these two.  Buffy does it to thank him, but Spike is beyond shocked by this act and I was pleasantly surprised myself.


I love you buffy

Buffy tells Spike she loves him right before he sacrifices himself (Moment from “Chosen” season 7, episode 22).

In the series finale, Spike sacrifices himself to destroy the hellmouth.  Right before he dies, he tells Buffy that he can feel his soul.  Buffy holds his hand, which begins to burst into flames and tells Spike that she loves him.  Spike says, “No you don’t.  But thanks for saying it.” 

While this moment is absolutely heartbreaking, Spike’s purpose has now been fulfilled.  He saves the world and protects Buffy, truly earning the title of a “champion.”  Buffy recognizes his sacrifice and tells him that she loves him because he deserves to hear it.  Whether she means it or not, this moment truly touches my heart and soul.



Buffy and Spike kiss at the end of the musical (Moment from “Once More, with Feeling” season 6, episode 7).

You can’t help singing along to the musical episode of Buffy.  Or maybe you can, but I absolutely know all of the words and I’m not ashamed to admit that.  There have been undeniable sparks between Buffy and Spike leading to this moment and at the very end of the musical episode, Buffy and Spike share an epic kiss.

It’s like you can see the fireworks going off at this moment, as these two finally begin a romantic relationship.  While their relationship has many ups and downs, this kiss is beyond swoon-worthy.  Most fans voted for this particular moment as their favorite and I have to admit that I was pretty torn as well, but I ultimately decided that there was one more moment that really showcased the love between Buffy and Spike even more.  At least for me.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one moment featuring Buffy & Spike are:

Buffy drinking.gif

  • Spike takes Buffy out drinking (Moment from “Life Serial” season 6, episode 5).
  • Spike proposes to Buffy after Willow’s spell goes wrong (Moment from “Something Blue” season 4, episode 9).
  • Faith in Buffy’s body teases Spike (Moment from “Who Are You?” season 4, episode 16).
  • Buffy learns that Spike’s soul has returned (Moment from “Beneath You” season 7, episode 2).
  • Buffy & Spike take down a building (Moment from “Smashed” season 6, episode 9).
  • Buffy tells Spike that she was in heaven (Moment from “After Life” season 6, episode 3).
  • Spike tells The First that Buffy believes in him (Moment from “Bring on the Night” season 7, episode 10).


Touched 5

Spike tells Buffy that she’s the one (Moment from “Touched” Season 7, episode 20).

After re-watching the series, this moment still remains as my absolute favorite for Buffy and Spike.  Spike’s speech to Buffy is so real and perfect.  He tells her how he feels with every part of his being and speaks from the heart.  Buffy is feeling lost and confused and Spike reminds her that she is a “hell of a woman” and “the one.” 

Later in the episode, Buffy and Spike just hold each other, which is truly something magical.  This simple expression of their love is so pure and perfect.  Their relationship has transcended into something beyond epic in this moment and I wouldn’t have it play out any other way.

Later in the series, Spike even tells Buffy that it was the best night of his life and it’s definitely my favorite moment for these two!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own comments and thoughts about your favorite moments featuring Buffy & Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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