Ranking the top 5 moments from “Supernatural” season 13 episode 22: “Sometimes Doing the Right Thing can go Wrong”

Happy Sunday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s Supernatural season 13 episode 22, Lucifer is desperately trying to turn over a new leaf to make a good impression on his son, but is anyone really buying it?  While he tries to bond with his son, Jack over forced high-fives and inappropriate discussions about his mother, it does sure seem like he’s trying.  It seems like Jack is willing to give him a chance, but are we?  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Exodus,” Dean is beyond happy to see his brother, Sam alive and well.  However, their mother, Mary is not ready to leave her people behind, which causes the Winchester brothers to come up with a plan to bring everyone through the rift.  Meanwhile, Lucifer tries to bond with Jack and Rowena makes a valiant effort to hold the rift open.  My top 5 moments from Supernatural season 13 episode 22 are:


“VIP pass.  I’m with the band.”

In the beginning of the episode, everyone is shocked to see Lucifer enter the camp.  He tries to lighten the mood with his winning personality and reminds them that he’s here to join the team.  Sam and Dean don’t want Lucifer anywhere near Jack, but Jack is curious about his father and is not ready to turn away from him until he gets some answers.  While Lucifer possesses power that will come in handy in the fight against Michael, no one seems ready to jump on his bandwagon just yet.


Mary punches Lucifer in the face.

Lucifer comically asks Mary if she misses him and she responds with a punch square in his jaw.  I have to admit that this was beyond funny, as Mary proves that she is a Winchester no matter what and is not going to let anyone screw with her, even if they are the devil.  Mary explains to Sam and Dean that she is not going to go back through the rift because she does not want to abandon the people here counting on her.  Dean is not ready to accept going back to a world without her and Sam comes up with a compromise, suggesting that they bring everyone through the rift until they can come up with a plan to stop Michael.  While 25 people seem like quite a lot to bring through the rift in a short amount of time, they are willing to take this chance because they need their mother in their lives.  After all, they did just travel to another dimension to save her.


Castiel vs Castiel.

After reconnecting with Bobby, Dean is concerned about the well-being of Charlie, especially when he learns that Ketch is working with her.  Both Charlie and Ketch are captured and alter-dimension Castiel enters the room, ready to torture with no remorse.  Castiel faces off against himself, ready to take down the threat.  Alter-dimension Castiel reminds him, “we are the same” and our Castiel replies with, “yes we are,” as he takes his life with no hesitation.  While this threat is taken out, we know that Michael is still lurking somewhere in the shadows, ready to make his move.


“Kids.  You just gotta know how to talk to them.”

Lucifer eagerly embraces his new role as a father and puts his best effort forward to connect with Jack.  After taking off to gather his thoughts, Jack explains that he is ready to listen even though Sam, Dean, and Castiel warn him not to talk to Lucifer.  Jack has a lot of questions but starts with the most important one:  “Why does everyone hate you?”  Lucifer tries to spin his own story about why he was cast out of heaven and does mention that he has done some terrible things, but is ready to make amends.  Castiel is not buying it, however; rolling his eyes at Lucifer’s over-simplifications.  When Jack’s mother is mentioned, Lucifer tries to add some input and says, “Awesome lady.  Lost my virginity to her.”  This revelation is completely inappropriate, but Lucifer continues to try to bond with Jack, which leads to a somewhat inspiring pep talk.  Jack tells Sam that he wants to stay behind and fight Michael, but Lucifer steps in and reminds him that “sometimes doing the right thing can go wrong.”  Jack calls Lucifer “father” to his delight, but Sam is clearly worried that Lucifer’s influence will lead Jack down the wrong path, especially since he is so impressionable and naive.


Showdown at the rift.

Time is running out and everyone needs to make it out of the rift before it closes for good.  Rowena is back in our world, using all of her strength and magic to keep it open as long as possible.  As everyone starts going through the rift, Michael shows up with perfect timing.  Gabriel tells Sam and Dean to leave and is no longer running away.  He faces off against Michael and is tragically killed to the horror of Sam and Dean.  Gabriel sacrificed himself for them, proving that he did have goodness within him.  Lucifer tries to hold off Michael as well as everyone gets through the rift.  Just before Sam enters the rift, he says to Lucifer, “how did you think this was going to end?”  Sam rushes through the rift and leaves Lucifer behind.  Lucifer is now done being a team player and strikes up a deal with Michael.  He agrees to help him pass through the rift and destroy whatever he wants as long as he can be with his son.  While this is not shocking in the slightest, as we know that Lucifer’s first priority is always Lucifer, he and Michael together may be impossible to defeat.  Stay tuned for the season finale next week!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Supernatural in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!


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