Ranking the top 5 moments featuring Cheryl & Toni from “Riverdale” season 2: “You’re Sensational.”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  Even though we will have to wait quite some time for season 3 of Riverdale to premiere on the CW, there is still plenty to discuss.  While we got a lot of swoon-worthy moments for Bughead and Varchie, it seems like there was an opportunity for other ships to really flourish, such as Cheryl and Toni, FP and Alice, and Kevin and Moose.   For today, I am going to be recapping and ranking the top 5 moments featuring my absolute favorite ship from Riverdale season 2, Cheryl and Toni.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the full season yet.  Cheryl and Toni, also known together as “Choni,” possess something beyond passion and fire.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of fire there, especially with Cheryl threatening to burn her house down every other day.  However, what makes Cheryl and Toni stand out as a true pairing, is their sense of loyalty along with their willingness to fight for the other.  Fans cannot help falling in love with these two, as their friendship and bond grows, leading up to an epic kiss that will have you cheering.  Cheryl has been clearly broken for some time and her mother’s cruel actions never really help with this, especially when her mother tries to stifle her feelings for other women.  Toni is the one person that Cheryl can truly confide in and while we know her as “Cheryl Bombshell,” she finally lets her guard down for Toni and reminds us that there is a scared little girl behind that tough attitude.  Toni reminds her that it’s alright to cry sometimes and that embracing who you are can sometimes be a challenge in itself.  From Toni’s perspective, Cheryl is “sensational,” reminding us that sometimes all we really need is someone to see the good in us, even when we don’t see it ourselves.  My top 5 moments featuring Cheryl and Toni from Riverdale season 2 are:



The Sleepover party.  (Moment from Season 2, episode 16)

 Cheryl has been having nightmares and hallucinations ever since she overheard her mother’s plan to get rid of her and Nana Rose.  She decides to hold a sleepover party with her “inner circle and cousin Betty” to distract herself, but it’s really to confide in them about what’s going on.  Everyone is not really sure what to make of Cheryl’s fears, but Betty steps up and tells her that she feels like strangers are lurking behind every corner at her house too and empathizes with her.  Cheryl is beyond terrified and gets even closer to Toni on this night.  Cheryl even tells her that she may have had the sleepover party just to be able to invite her over, which is an absolutely adorable revelation.  Choni is about to share their first kiss, only they are interrupted suddenly as fate would have it.  Nana Rose has fallen badly and is rushed to the hospital, but Cheryl knows deep down that this cannot be an accident.  She is convinced that Uncle Claudius and her mother pushed Nana down the stairs but doesn’t have any proof.  Her mother intervenes when she tries to talk to the doctor and takes her into the car ominously saying that they will “make her all better.”  Noticing Cheryl’s disappearance, Toni shows up at the Blossom house to find her, but her mother mechanically tells her that she is out of the country at boarding school.  Toni knows this cannot be true, but the door slams in her face before she can get in another word.  The end of the episode reveals Cheryl locked away at the “Sisters of Quiet Mercy” mental institution, her hair done up in pigtails, as if to bring her back to a childhood state away from the rest of the world.  While it seems like Cheryl may be locked away for good, Toni refuses to rest until she finds her, proving to be an amazing friend and someone Cheryl can finally count on.


“Everything looks good on me.” (Moment from Season 2, episode 22)

After the Southsiders receive a memo from the principal that they are going to have to go to “Seaside High” due to sudden overcrowding, no one is ready to just accept this.  All of our favorite characters are wearing Serpent jackets and are ready to walk out, showing their support for the Southside.  Toni tells Cheryl, “that jacket looks good on you” and of course Cheryl replies with, “Everything looks good on me.”  When Toni suggests that they “make it official,” Choni fans everywhere are swooning.  While we know she means becoming a Serpent, perhaps they can finally make their relationship legit.  These two beautiful ladies have definitely earned it and have proven their love for one another over and over.  It’s about time they get some time in the spotlight.  Meanwhile, leadership changes within the Serpents as well, as FP officially retires and passes the torch to Jughead.  Jughead accepts and his first order of business is to give Cheryl her red Serpent jacket, which matches perfectly with the killer red boots she wore to the ceremony.  Is there a Serpent dance in Cheryl’s future?  We’ll have to see, but it’s great to see her become a part of this group, especially since she has been searching to belong for so long.  With Toni by her side, there is no stopping “Cheryl Bombshell.”


 “Untie her you Serpent Hag!”  (Moment from Season 2, episode 21)

 Penny and the Ghoulies are back in this episode and demand that the Serpents give up and leave so that they can take over this town.  Penny takes things a step further when she holds Toni captive, demanding that Jughead pay her a visit.  Luckily, Jughead brings some back-up, which is none other than our favorite archer in town, Cheryl Blossom.  “Untie her you Serpent Hag!” I found myself cheering as Cheryl rescues her “Cherie,” Toni, proving once again that Choni is beyond romantic. These two ladies prove that they don’t need a man to step in and save the day.  Although, having a bow and arrow handy certainly doesn’t hurt.


 “You’re sensational.” (Moment from Season 2, episode 14)

 Cheryl is clearly disappointed and feeling left out when she is not invited along to the weekend getaway at Shadow Lake and is desperately trying to avoid her own home that her mother has “turned into a sex playground.”  While Cheryl makes some rash decisions as a result of this, it’s hard not to feel sympathetic towards her.  Cheryl calls Jughead and reveals the truth about Betty’s kiss with Archie that she thought was “like with tongue serious,” desperately trying to spoil their weekend since she is hurt.  Toni walks in on this and calls her out on it, but Cheryl puts her guard up immediately and reminds her exactly who she is:  “Hi I’m Cheryl Blossom, aka Cheryl Bombshell which means I need no reasons.  Feel free to tremble.”  Toni is not scared off by this, however; and continues to reach out to her, recognizing that she is in pain and in need of a friend.  After seeing Cheryl alone at the movies, Toni offers to sit with her.  Cheryl later admits to Toni that she “never cries at movies because real life is tragic enough.”  In this moment, Cheryl finally lets her guard down, revealing her vulnerability and past secrets to Toni.  Toni sympathetically listens to her and a budding friendship or relationship is forming at this point for sure.  In a beautiful moment, Toni simply tells Cheryl:  “you’re not loveless.  You’re not deviant.  You’re sensational.”  Toni’s uncomplicated honesty is getting through to Cheryl and this is the moment where everything changes.  Cheryl’s wall has come down completely and she takes the first step toward becoming her true self.  Toni sees the good in Cheryl and supports her, allowing her own feelings to come to the surface as well.


Cheryl and Toni’s first kiss.  (Moment from Season 2, episode 17)

 Fans were more than disappointed after the interrupted first kiss between Choni at the sleepover party, but fear not, love is still blooming in the air.  Toni enlists the help of Veronica and Josie to help find Cheryl, as she knows that there is no way that she is being held in a boarding school, especially since her social media account has been dead silent.  The girls go and confront Mrs. Blossom who is armed and ready.  She tells them that Cheryl is mentally ill and even shows Josie the picture that Cheryl sketched not too long ago of the two of them, revealing that Cheryl was the one who was threatening and stalking her.  Josie is out, but Veronica and Toni are not about to completely abandon their friend.  Nana Rose makes the right call and tries to help Toni find Cheryl, but is rudely interrupted by Uncle Claudius.  They then learn from Kevin that the “Sisters of Quiet Mercy” practice gay conversion therapy and that there is a secret tunnel that can lead them to Cheryl.  Toni and Veronica put on their fantastic spy-like outfits which have just the right amount of flair and break in.  Cheryl is stunned when she sees Toni and the two share an epic kiss in front of the film screen.  The cheers for Choni should be deafening as this kiss was well worth the wait.  I’m looking forward to see what season 3 brings for Cheryl and Toni.  After all, now that Cheryl is a Serpent too, there are plenty more adventures for them to experience together.  Let’s just hope their relationship gets the chance it deserves.

 I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post some of your own favorite moments featuring Choni from Riverdale below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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