Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 4: “From the Ashes We Will Rise”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s The 100 season 5 episode 4 last night, I’ve learned that “strength without mercy is nothing.”  While it’s important for Octavia to maintain her role as “Blodreina” or “The Red Queen,” she is unable to take a step back and look at the big picture.  While it’s important to remind her people that “you are wonkru or you’re the enemy of wonkru,” what happens when they are no longer confined to the bunker underground?  We are about to find out.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Pandora’s Box,” Marcus is fighting for his life in the arena and tries to make a stand against Octavia.  Meanwhile, Bellamy makes a deal with Diyoza and Raven shows off her technical skills.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 4 are:


“All of me for all of us.”

These are the words that are chanted before each fight, as Marcus takes on his opponents and wins the battle.  Only this isn’t enough, as Octavia feels that the people can see Marcus’s weakness and she refuses to clear him of his crime, explaining that he will need to fight again in the arena.  We quickly learn that Abby is locked up and Marcus is taking the blame for stealing the medicine to protect her.  Indra is aware of what is going on but has too much loyalty to publicly go against her leader, Octavia.  After Abby begs her by saying, “please don’t let him die for something I did,” Indra explains that the only way to save them both is for Marcus to win in the arena.  While it seems like the odds are against him, Marcus refuses to fight for a second time.  He speaks to the crowd and lets them know that we have a chance to do better here and that “strength without mercy is nothing.”  Marcus pleads with Octavia and reminds her that it’s not too late, but Octavia has heard enough, as she jumps into the arena herself to remind everyone that she is “Blodreina” and repeats the words about being “wonkru,” refusing to back down or compromise.  Luckily for Marcus, this is interrupted when some familiar faces make their way into the bunker, but it doesn’t look like Marcus is out of the woods just yet.


Bellarke is reunited.

After Bellamy tells Diyoza how important Clarke is to him, these two are finally reunited.  Clarke whispers, “You’re really here” and the two embrace in a hug that just doesn’t last long enough.  It’s clear that both of them have been clinging to the hope that the other was alive and now that dream has become a reality, but are they going to finally get the chance to be together romantically?  We know that Bellamy has Echo waiting in the wings, but this embrace between Clarke and Bellamy seems epic and moving.  While Bellarke fans might need to wait a little bit longer for these two to finally get together, it’s hard to deny the connection between them.  I’ll take any Bellarke moment we can get, but let’s hope that these two are able to finally explore their true feelings for one another.  Meanwhile, Bellamy makes a deal with Diyoza and she agrees to help open the bunker using their mining skills and in return, they will get to split the valley and co-exist.  Diyoza seems doubtful that they will be able to come to a peaceful understanding, but accepts the terms.  We quickly learn that Diyoza has another agenda, as her primary objective is to take the doctor, Abby.  While we know that a double-cross is inevitable, at least the people from the bunker will finally be freed.  But is everyone truly ready to co-exist in this new world?


Family reunions continued.

When everything is interrupted in the arena, Bellamy is the first one to appear and Octavia is beyond happy to see her brother.  We see a heartwarming reunion between Clarke and her mother as well and Clarke even speaks to Raven and Murphy over the radio.  While everyone is clearly happy to see that they are all alive and well, Diyoza and her people quickly appear to remind them that a new threat has arrived.  While Bellamy convinces Octavia and her people to trust him, we know that everything is about to change once they are all on the ground.  Either way, it’s touching to see our favorite characters take comfort in the fact that their loved ones are still alive.


“Whoever this girl is, she’s good.”

While most of the action is taking place on earth, Raven and Murphy have a difficult task and the threats keep coming their way.  Raven tries to tell Murphy that everything is alright, but Murphy is not buying it when he says, “If it’s handled why do you have that Raven work face on?”  Bellamy reminds Raven that if she does not hear from him every hour on the hour, that she should pull the plug, but Raven is having doubts about taking the lives of so many people.  She looks up Intel on Diyoza and her people and learns that Diyoza was a war hero who became a terrorist.  Once again, Diyoza is not one to be taken lightly and tests Raven over and over again.  Raven immediately recognizes when the enemy is trying to hack in and she is able to stop every attack, proving just how valuable she is.  Murphy furthers his own transformation from our resident bad boy into a redeemable hero when he lets Raven know that he will be the one to pull the plug.  However, it looks like they are not going to get a chance to test this theory.  Diyoza orders for the docks to be opened on the ship, which will kill Raven and Murphy, but her people would be safe in “Cryosleep.”  Raven is ready to make the sacrifice, but Murphy asks her, “I’m not ready to die, are you?”  Raven turns the tables on Diyoza by waking up all of the prisoners.  While the immediate threat is over, they now have to deal with 283 dangerous criminals in a confined space.  As Murphy said earlier, “we’re threatening to kill her people.  What could go wrong?”  We’re about to find out quickly, but will Raven and Murphy be able to survive this new threat?  Is there anyone out there who can rescue them?


“Now we go to war.”

Once everyone is on the ground, Diyoza demands that the doctor go with her and she will not hurt anyone in return.  She also tells everyone that they are taking the valley.  Abby offers to go with her willingly if she agrees to take Marcus too, recognizing that he is not safe near Octavia.  Diyoza agrees and it looks like the prisoner exchange is going smoothly until one of her men begins shooting.  Diyoza knows that they are now at war and tries to take out everyone on the ground, but Raven has outsmarted her once again by jamming the launch code.  Seriously Raven is unstoppable.  One can’t help but root for her.  Diyoza wants to go after Raven, which puts yet another threat in her way.  Back on the ground, Octavia also recognizes that they are now at war, refusing to abandon her role as “Blodreina.”  The stakes are beyond high, as everyone understands the importance of having control over the valley, but have we learned nothing from our mistakes before?  It seems like war is always the immediate answer, but will anyone take a moment to consider an alternative solution?  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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