Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 5: “All of Me for All of Us”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s The 100 season 5 episode 5 last night, I have learned that you should never get in the way of “Wonkru,” unless you want to face the wrath of “Blodreina” that is.  You would think that perhaps being the big brother of “The Red Queen” might work in your favor, but perhaps showing off your new girlfriend and former enemy to “Blodreina” is not the smartest idea.  Watch out Bellamy.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Shifting Sands,” Octavia prepares to lead her people to take back the valley, but Clarke cautions her about the dangers ahead, which include sandstorms and worms that could be right out of the movie “Aliens.”  Meanwhile, Abby is tested as a doctor, Raven is tortured, and Murphy learns that he just isn’t that funny.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 5 are:


“All of me for all of us.  It’s kind of beautiful.”

In the beginning of the episode, Clarke warns Octavia about traveling through the sea route.  She explains that the sandstorms have sort of evolved and now include shards of glass being hurled your way.  Octavia is focused on taking the valley and is ready to fight, but Indra tells Bellamy that his sister needs him.  Indra has a strong love for Octavia and is loyal to her always, but recognizes that sometimes she may need to take a step back and think.  While it seems like Bellamy and Clarke can have a good influence on her, Octavia is not about to change her leadership methods in the slightest.  Clarke comments to Bellamy that they lost 400 people in the bunker and had no idea if they would ever get out of there alive and still they are “strong and unified.”  She says that it’s impressive and Bellamy tells her, “So is surviving alone.”  Clarke is not the only one impressed with Octavia, as Diyoza takes notice of her as well, recognizing that she is a dangerous enemy to have, especially since her people are so loyal.  While it’s clear that Octavia has changed over the years, is she really willing to stand against her family and friends?  The lines have not been blurred just yet, but it’s only a matter of time before she turns her back against them if it means doing the right thing by her people.  Let’s just hope she’s not too far gone.  While it’s important to be a strong leader, Octavia has turned off her compassion and love.  What happens when the threat is over and she has no one left to connect with?  After all, being at the top can be quite lonely.


“We don’t just need a doctor.  We need a good doctor.”

After Abby and Marcus are taken by Diyoza, Abby’s skills are put to the test right away.  She begins examining a prisoner who has developed some kind of black spots or lesions on the brain.  Abby thinks that they may be cancerous and perhaps caused by whatever they were exposed to when mining, but Diyoza explains that it’s not cancer and that thirteen other patients have similar symptoms.  Their last doctor was not able to crack the case, but she is hopeful that with the right motivation Abby will be able to do so.  While we know that Abby is very capable as a doctor, perhaps she should take a moment to examine herself.  Her addiction to pills is getting worse and Marcus is extremely worried about this.  Will Abby be able to kick this bad habit before it’s too late?  Perhaps Clarke will need to get involved as well to intervene.  Later in the episode, McCreary comes to see Abby and we learn that he is one of the patients.  Abby calmly asks him, “Should I save you?”  We know that McCreary is far from a good person, but there is the potential for an unlikely partnership here if all goes well.  After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or in this case, the right hand man of my enemy is?  Either way, I am looking forward to seeing this story-line progress, as McCreary is not one to take lightly.


“Thought you’d be funnier.  Octavia is my favorite…I mean no offense.”

Raven and Murphy are out of space and immediate danger, but that doesn’t mean they are out of the woods just yet.  They are being held captive by Shaw and McCreary and Raven is tortured over and over again to release the missiles.  Raven tries to explain that she didn’t do it and when Murphy’s life is threatened, she begs them not to hurt him, reminding us Murphen fans that there may be still some hope here for these two to get together.  That is if Emori doesn’t forgive him for being…well John Murphy.  After McCreary leaves, Shaw reveals to Raven that he is the one who locked the missiles, proving that he may be an unlikely ally in all of this.  Raven knows that the prisoners are not his people and that he is being kept alive for his piloting skills and uses this to her advantage.  She tells him, “you’re going to like my plan more,” and sets it in motion.  Murphy is set free and runs into Echo and the others.  In a hilarious moment, Madi comments that she thought he would be funnier, proving that you don’t lose your sense of humor when you are one of the last two people on earth.  Perhaps Murphy can take some notes from her.  Murphy and the others warn Bellamy that the missile attack is about to happen and tell them they need to hide or they will all be killed.


“Wishes are for the weak.”

Diyoza takes a moment to bring Marcus out into the woods and have a drink with him.  He’s never had tequila, but immediately recognizes that Diyoza has him here to make some sort of deal.  Marcus is smart, but realizes that Diyoza is not one to cross.  She proves once again to be a formidable enemy and we learn that she even slashed her own throat.  I mean talk about bad-ass.  Octavia may have met her match just yet and Diyoza is looking for Marcus to provide her with information about her.  Know thy enemy and all of that.  Will Marcus provide her with the Intel she needs?  Octavia has made it clear where she stands with Marcus, but he is also concerned about Abby’s well-being.  Either way, Marcus is very valuable to Diyoza right now, but it’s up to him to determine where his loyalties lie.


“If you ever speak out against Wonkru again then you are an enemy of Wonkru and you are my enemy.”

The threats keep coming at Octavia and the others.  One of her men is infected by some type of worm that hatches from the inside and is beyond disgusting.  Octavia gets a worm in her arm and Clarke takes immediate action when she cuts it out of her.  This will make your skin crawl for sure and I suggest not really eating during this episode, but luckily Octavia is alright.  Just as this is happening, they get the heads up that they are about to be attacked by the missiles and have only one option.  Octavia’s people protect her in the middle of the sandstorm, which is the only place to hide at this point.  Octavia loses some people during this act, but needs to continue on in order to protect the rest of them.  While Octavia tells Bellamy that she is happy he is alive, she is not messing around.  She warns him that if he ever speaks out against “Wonkru” again, then he will be the enemy.  Seriously this phrase is like a broken record now, but kind of catchy at the same time.  Is Octavia really putting “Wonkru” above her own brother?  Perhaps now is not the best time for a reunion with his romantic interest, Echo.  Becho fans should seriously talk some sense into them.  Clarke takes notice of this, which puts a pause on our hopes for a Bellarke romance, but Octavia’s reaction reveals that perhaps Bellamy has already become the enemy of “Wonkru.”  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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