Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Affair” season 4 episode 7: “I Wish I Had Your Life”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching Showtime’s The Affair last night, I realized that sometimes you have to just let the fear in and embrace it.  You may want to maintain control over your emotions or keep your feelings locked away, but sometimes facing what scares us the most and saying it out loud can make a world of difference.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “407,” Helen decides to go to Joshua Tree with Sierra to attend a moon circle.  Meanwhile, Noah continues to involve himself in Janelle’s family affairs and then receives an unexpected phone call from an old friend.  My top 5 moments from The Affair season 4 episode 7 are:


“Eventually you get old enough and start to figure shit out.”

Part one of the episode is from Helen’s perspective and she impulsively decides to go to Joshua Tree with her neighbor, Sierra, even though she initially dismissed the previous invitation.  Helen’s reaction to the idea of the moon circle is hilarious, but she does get the opportunity to step away from her life for one night.  After the women at the circle write down their fears, the Guru begins reading them out loud and Helen provides each of them with really great advice.  Helen has experienced a lot of what they are going through now and her wisdom is very much appreciated.  The Guru passes the baton to Helen for the night, as she touches each and every one of them with her advice.  Maybe Helen has another calling she has yet to tap into just yet.  Either way, it was great to see Helen finally let her guard down for just a moment to really make an impact with these women.


“I’m not doing it for him.”

In part two of the episode, we see everything from Noah’s perspective and he is surprised when Anton shows up at his home to ask for his advice on whether or not to join the Marines.  Noah stays neutral and suggests that he at least go and see Princeton for himself before making a rash decision.  Noah also explains the importance of involving Janelle in this decision.  Janelle’s ex-husband, Carl, is not happy to see Noah back at his home again and asks him, “don’t you have your own family?”  Noah believes in Anton and does not want to see his potential go to waste.  Later in the episode, Janelle shows up at Noah’s home late and thanks him for what he did.  Noah agrees to take Anton to Princeton so that Janelle can focus on the board meeting and she is happy to see him standing up for her son.  The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived, as Noah and Janelle enjoy a passionate night together without interruption.  While I’m not sure where they will pick up now that Alison is missing, it seems like this might be the first stable relationship Noah has had in a very long time.


“Control is really hot.”

In part one, Helen and Sierra continue bonding in their tent.  Sierra clearly feels guilty about sleeping with Vik, but decides to act on her growing feelings for Helen.  She passionately kisses Helen and the two share an intimate moment together.  While I had seen hints and implications at this earlier in the season, it’s nice to see Helen finally enjoy a moment for herself, as she is always so busy being needed by everyone in her life.  Sierra makes her feel wanted and free, as she is able to take a moment to truly relax and give in to what she wants.  She deserves it!


“I don’t want you to die.”

After Helen goes into the deprivation tank, she begins to panic in the small space.  Sierra opens the tank and asks her if she is all right, but Helen just needs to get out of there, as she takes off quickly in the car.  When Helen returns home, she immediately rushes over to Vik and reveals her own fear out loud.  Helen finally had the epiphany she was searching for and doesn’t want to waste another second.  She tells Vik that she doesn’t want him to die and Vik promises her that he won’t.  This moment was truly something significant and special for Helen and Vik.  Ever since his diagnosis, Vik has been focused on the statistics and the reality of his situation, but in this moment with Helen, he finally allows his heart and emotions to take over.  Whether he believes that he will not die or not, Vik understands the importance of holding on to the belief that he could be OK, giving Helen the glimmer of hope she so desperately needed.  We know that Helen has been speaking about starting menopause, but perhaps a baby is not so far off now.


“So who’s coming to get us?”

After Noah and Anton miss their connecting flight to New York, Noah notices that he has several missed calls from Cole.  He is finally able to answer and is shocked to hear what Cole has to say.  All of the pieces have now come together, as we finally catch up to the present day timeline, understanding how Cole, Noah, and Anton all end up together in the same car.  When Cole picks them up, Noah tries to stay positive, but Cole is clearly beyond worried that something terrible has happened to Alison.  Will they be able to find out what happened to Alison before it’s too late?  Stay tuned! 

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Affair below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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