Ranking the top 5 moments from “The Walking Dead” season 9 episode 14: “We Have To Protect The People We Love”

Happy Monday TV fans!  After watching AMC’s The Walking Dead season 9 episode 14, I remembered that scars are not always on the outside.  Sometimes the scars we can’t forget run past our flesh, screaming on the inside, refusing to be tamed.  They are a constant reminder of something, but they can also be a badge of courage, pushing us forward and giving us strength.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s episode, “Scars,” we get an important glimpse into Michonne’s past and finally learn the truth about the “X” marks.  Meanwhile, Lydia continues to make a great impression wherever she goes and Negan sheds some light on his unconventional friendship with Judith.  My top 5 moments from The Walking Dead season 9 episode 14 are:


“What about her?”

Daryl arrives at Alexandria’s gates, looking for some help from Michonne, as Henry is badly injured.  However, Lydia’s presence does not make things easy, as Michonne and the others do not trust outsiders.  Daryl vouches for Lydia and says that she is with them, but can they really trust her?  Michonne explains that she does trust Daryl and allows them to pass through, but she’s definitely keeping her guard up.


“Think about that.”

The gross ship between Henry and Lydia continues, as Lydia tells Henry that she will never forget what he did and starts touching his scar, explaining that she likes it.  Michonne interrupts this stomach-turning love connection to have a talk with Lydia.  She sits next to her on the stairs and says, “To save my people, I’ve had to risk others…it’s what I had to do.”  Lydia listens intently, as Michonne further says, “If I could just walk away and take all the risk with me…think about that.”  Michonne walks away without letting Lydia respond to this, but her message is pretty clear and to the point.  Is Lydia strong enough to do the right thing here and walk away?  Lydia cares about Henry, but she is constantly putting her new friends in danger by being with them.


“So now you’re curious.”

I love how Negan is now the constant voice of reason, as Michonne confronts him when Judith goes missing.  Michonne wants to know more about their friendship and thinks that Negan is feeding Judith bullshit to earn her trust.  However, Negan gently reminds Michonne that Judith can “smoke out the bullshit.”  He tells Michonne that Judith likes hearing stories about her father and brother, as Negan tells her about some bad-ass moments featuring them, which brings her closer to her family.  Negan says that he shoots it straight with Judith and Michonne asks him if he told her about what he did to Glenn and Abraham.  Negan surprises her by saying that she has heard those stories too, but Michonne has heard enough and tells him, “You don’t get to talk to me about Carl…she is my daughter!” 

Judith is Michonne’s daughter and Negan reminds her that she acts a lot like her mother sometimes, which is actually really great advice and ultimately points Michonne in the right direction so that she can find Judith before anything happens to her.  Michonne has been trying to protect Judith’s innocence for so long, but perhaps it is time for her to start treating her like the strong young woman she is becoming.


“Children are capable of anything.”

During the episode, we flash back to Michonne’s past when she was pregnant with R.J.  Michonne gets a blast from her past, as she crosses paths with her old friend, Jocelyn, played by True Blood’s Rutina Wesley.  Michonne is so happy to see her and welcomes her, agreeing to help her save her group of children.  Jocelyn explains that none of the adults in her group made it, but that children can be capable of anything, as she has become a den mother of sorts to them.  However, everything is not as it seems, as Michonne discovers that they have raided their supplies and left Alexandria, taking Judith and some of the other kids with them. 

Michonne and Daryl rush off after them and are caught, as we watch the horrifying act of the children branding both Michonne and Daryl with the “X” marks under Jocelyn’s instruction.  Michonne manages to break free and refuses to leave her daughter behind, as she shows just how far a mother will go to protect her child.  Michonne kills Jocelyn and tries to get through to the children, but they are too far gone to know what is right and wrong at this point.  Michonne’s stomach is slashed by one of the children, which was horrifying to watch.  I seriously could not believe that Jocelyn and the children could be this cruel and merciless, but we are living in different times now.  Judith’s life is threatened and Michonne does what she must do to protect her daughter.  She kills the children in her way and saves her daughter and she’s had to live with this choice for all this time.  No wonder she does not trust anyone at this point.


“We have to protect the people we love and we will.”

Negan is not the only one to give Michonne some advice, as Daryl suggests that Michonne tells Judith about that day as well.  After tracking Judith down and stopping the walkers in her way, Michonne tells Judith that she has to tell her something.  Judith actually remembers that day and explains that she initially did not recognize her mother because she was covered in blood.  She didn’t talk after it happened because she thought it made her mother sad, which furthers this loving bond between Michonne and Judith.  Michonne chose to be Judith’s mother, but it has not been easy, especially since Rick is gone.  However, Michonne does the best she can to protect her family, but she recognizes that it is time to finally confide in her daughter and tell her the truth.  Michonne takes Judith to the spot she buried, which is where Michonne made the promise to never bury another child again.  Judith understands where her mother is coming from and this is a really important moment for these two.  Michonne agrees to help Judith track down Daryl and the others, as they approach the Kingdom together, but we learn that the Whisperers are lurking in the bushes, ready to inform Alpha about this place.

Overall, this episode provided us with some really important information and shocked us with horrible truths and realities.  The dead have not been the main threat on this show for quite some time, as we witness how dangerous humanity can be.  We don’t always see betrayal coming, but sometimes we have to take a risk and trust someone to protect the ones we love.  I was impressed with the performances and even though it was more of a transition episode, I thought that it was necessary and important, revealing so much about Michonne’s character and reminding us that each decision can have a consequence, which makes leading extremely difficult.  Is Michonne ready to take on Alpha?  We’ll have to see, but it looks the Whisperers are done waiting in the shadows.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The Walking Dead below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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