Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 2: “You are Wonkru or you’re the Enemy of Wonkru”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s The 100 season 5 episode 2 last night, I learned that becoming a leader is harder than one thinks.  It’s not about being the strongest warrior or coming up with the smartest plan, but about someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good of his or her people.  The choices will never be close to easy, but someone has to make them.  Octavia comes to realize this rather quickly when she is trying out her new role as “Commander,” but proves to be an unstoppable force of strength and decisiveness.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Red Queen,” Octavia’s words of “Wonkru,” which literally mean one crew, sound like a nice sentiment, but the different clans are still on edge, desperately trying to survive in the bunker and refusing to all get along.  Meanwhile, Abby hears Clarke knocking on the door and Jaha accepts his final destiny, but not before providing Octavia with some words of wisdom.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 2 are:


“Symbols matter Octavia.”

While Octavia is responsible for saving everyone in the bunker, not everyone is accepting her as their new leader.  Indra is still at her side, however; and tries to remind her about the importance of symbols.  Octavia wears the gear on her forehead to remind everyone that she is the Commander, but Indra’s daughter, Gaia explains that the Order of the Flame will not support a red-blooded commander.  While Gaia is bound by tradition and protocol, Indra reminds her that “your real commander would have let you burn.”  We are no longer in a world on The Ark or on the ground, as the bunker has brought everyone together and not by choice.  Survival is at the top of everyone’s list, but we know that life in the bunker will certainly have its challenges.


Abby hears Clarke.

When everyone is in the bunker deciding what to do next, a faint knocking is heard and Abby knows right away that it is her daughter, Clarke.  Marcus attempts to calm her down, but Abby will do anything to get to her daughter.  They quickly discover that there is something sealing the hatch entrance, which creates a bigger problem than just getting to Clarke.  There is only one hatch entrance currently in the bunker and they will not all be able to survive after five years if they are not able to get out.  This is not Marcus’s first encounter with a hatch, as the Lost fan in me immediately thinks back to Henry Ian Cusick’s days as Desmond Hume, when he was living in a bunker for three years, pushing a button to save the world before the survivors from Flight 815 decide to blow the hatch door wide open.  Perhaps there is an idea after all.  While food rationing seems like the first step toward maintaining survival, there is also the problem of finding the appropriate equipment so that they can make it out after five years.  The problems keep on coming, as Octavia and the others realize that population reduction has reared its ugly head yet again.


“We’re taking back what’s ours.”

A select few from Skaikru start to realize the inevitability of population reduction and decide to seal themselves into the farm and leave everyone else to fend for themselves.  Abby tries to explain that their deaths will not be painless or quick.  Rather, they will be slow and agonizing and that no one would want that guilt on their hands.  Panic has led to rash decisions and Octavia must embrace her role as a leader to get back into the farm and bring some order to her people.  Octavia removes the gear from her forehead, explaining that it is more of a target than a symbol.  While the plan to take back the farm seems far-fetched, any plan is better than no plan.


“I think his fight is over.”

An instrumental part of the plan is for Jaha to put his engineering skills to the test and to get the door open to the farm, but we learn that he is severely injured.  Jaha has dealt with his fair share of burdens as a leader, but desperately wants to be with his wife and son again.  In his final moments, Jaha asks Octavia to take care of the boy he has been watching over and looks to say goodbye to his old friend, Marcus who comforts him with his prayer.  “May we meet again.”  Jaha’s death reminds us that his days of a leader are long over and the torch has now been passed to Octavia.  But does she have what it takes to do what is necessary to lead?


“You are Wonkru or you’re the enemy of Wonkru.”

Before Jaha dies, Octavia reveals her hesitation about becoming a leader when she says, “I am not a leader…I’m a warrior.”  Jaha talks to her about the decisions he made in the past, which included the decision to execute her mother when the rules were broken.  Jaha tries to get Octavia to see the big picture and to “know what it takes to lead.”  He explains that there is always a war and a good leader will focus on the enemy and how to stop it.  Octavia finds the leader within her and knows what she must do.  She tells everyone around her that “you are Wonkru or you’re the enemy of Wonkru.”  Any time someone attacked her, Octavia struck them down, proving to be an unstoppable force.  With each objection, she took down her enemy while repeating her words over and over again, until everyone understood that they really are Wonkru.  Octavia offers the guilty the chance to fight for their freedom.  “Win the fight.  Save your life.”  While this certainly helps with the population reduction issue at hand, what happens when someone Octavia cares about ends up in the fighting pit?  We’re about to find out, as the ending scene reveals Marcus to be in that very situation.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 1: “Who am I now?”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  “May we meet again.”  I am beyond excited for the return of one of my absolute favorite shows on television right now: The 100. While the CW typically has The 100 premiere mid-season, it seemed like we had to wait extra long this year for the season premiere, but the wait is finally over.  If you have not yet watched this brilliant and addicting show, I highly recommend that you binge-watch it on Netflix as soon as possible.  It’s reminds me of a mix between Lost and Lord of the Flies with some teen angst and drama sprinkled in.  At the end of season 4, “Praimfaya” was about to arrive, which is otherwise known as the “Death Wave.”  While many of our favorite characters made it to an underground bunker for shelter, Clarke and her friends were running out of time and hatched a plan to launch themselves back into space.  Only Clarke was not able to get on the rocket in time and it launched without her.  While it seemed like Clarke had sacrificed herself to save her friends and was about to die from radiation exposure, the night blood injected into her veins kicked into high gear, healing her from the damage.

So now that you’re all caught up, let’s begin with season 5.   Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s season premiere episode, “Eden,” we learn about Clarke’s journey on her own beginning 42 days after “Praimfaya” has struck.  Clarke is alone and desperately trying to survive, but it seems like the odds are against her.  After failing to reach her mother in the bunker, Clarke decides to try and find some sort of life still existing, but her faith is tested over and over again.  Meanwhile, Bellamy and the others have been living on “The Ark” up in space, but have been trying to get back to earth and realize that they are not alone up there after spotting another ship.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 1 are:


“I’ve been by myself now for two months but this is the first time I feel alone.”

42 days after “Praimfaya” struck, we finally get to see Clarke who has miraculously survived.  Her first thought is to try and reach the bunker so she can be reunited with her mother, but she finds that it is buried so far beneath the surface, that she would never be able to get to it.  Clarke decides to journey out across the earth, desperately hoping to find some sign of life still present.  Clarke is barely able to rest, as every moment is focused on surviving.  Clarke proves to be very resourceful as her survival skills are put to the test, but the loneliness and emptiness inside her begins to creep in.  Clarke tries talking to Bellamy and her friends on “The Ark” on a radio, knowing full well that they will never hear her, but it’s the only thing she has left to cling to.


“Who am I now?”

Clarke begins to lose hope after she collapses in a barren field, waking up to a bird picking at her body.  She begs the bird to show her where it lives, but it flies away from her, leaving her alone once again.  Clarke hits her breaking point and screams out, “You think you can kill me?  Have at it…I’ve lost everything.  I’ve got nothing left.”  Up until this point, Clarke has buried her fear and loneliness as much as possible, but it has all come screaming to the surface now, refusing to let go.  Clarke’s emotions overwhelm her, as the harsh reality that she may die alone sets in.  Clarke picks up her gun and begins to make the conscious decision to end her life and this misery, when the bird suddenly circles around her again.  Clarke’s faith is healed, even if just for a moment, but it’s enough to get her up and running after it.  Clarke discovers a beautiful valley filled with lush trees and vegetation.  It’s like the “Death Wave” had missed it entirely.  Clarke thanks the bird and then mechanically kills it, as the survivor in her is back and ready to stay strong.


Life on “The Ark.”

About 6 years after “Praimfaya,” we finally get to see Bellamy and the others up on “The Ark.”  While it seems like everyone is alive and well, drama is never too far behind.  After all, these few characters have been trapped with one another for quite some time.  We learn that Murphy and Emori are no longer together and Bellamy is now with Echo, which has Bellarke fans everywhere screaming with disapproval.  That absolutely includes me.  While many things have changed, these characters have worked together as a team as much as possible and spot the green on the earth, which inspires the hope that it is survivable once again.  After they spot another ship and a transport ship, they realize that they have the opportunity to get back down to earth.  While we know that it’s only a matter of time before they reach earth again and reunite with Clarke, they have been living in a bubble for quite some time now, sheltered from society.  Will they be able to adapt to life on earth again?  How will Bellamy react once he sees that Clarke is alive?


The last two people on earth.

After discovering the valley, Clarke finds another survivor.  She is just a child, but has clearly only survived because of her own night blood.   The girl doesn’t trust Clarke and she traps her and wounds her, fleeing from her in fear.  Clarke doesn’t give up on her, however; and even keeps her sense of humor intact when she says, “Last two people on earth and one of them happens to be the child from hell.”  Clarke sketches a picture of the little girl and leaves it for her, which is the first step toward gaining her trust.  When we flash to 6 years later, Clarke is living with the little girl, Madi and the two are inseparable.  They have a mother-daughter like bond and Clarke has even taught her how to speak in English.  While they wonder if anyone will ever come back, Clarke shares all of her past stories with Madi and tells her about her family, friends, and love.  The two appear to have a precious and beautiful bond that cannot be broken.  Their simple and quiet life is interrupted, however; when a “prisoner ship” lands by the valley.


New arrivals to earth.

After the prisoner ship lands, new characters emerge who also spotted the green from space and took a chance that it was their own version of “Eden.”  One of the new characters is played by the beautiful and brilliant Ivana Milicevic from Banshee.  While the other prisoners seem to be just going with the flow, she appears to be smart and aware of her surroundings, which could make her an ally or a dangerous new threat.  Friend or foe?  While we are not sure just yet, Clarke is not about to take any chances.  After Madi shoots one of the prisoners to protect Clarke, Madi begs Clarke to spare the other one’s life since he tried to help her.  Clarke tells her that “there are no good guys” and ends his life without a moment’s hesitation.  Meanwhile, we get a quick glimpse at Octavia in the bunker, ruling some kind of underground fight club, which reminds us that these new prisoners are not the only people on the ground that Clarke needs to worry about.  While we will need to wait for everyone to be reunited, it’s clear that this season will be jam-packed with drama, adventure, and edge of your seat moments.  Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl



The 2018 Mid-Season TV Premieres I am most looking forward to: Bring on the new episodes!

Since I covered my favorite shows from 2017 for all networks in previous posts, I wanted to also explore the television premieres that have not yet aired yet.  The holidays are over and the New Year is quickly approaching, which will bring an end to re-runs and the return of new episodes from some of our favorite shows.  However, I am most looking forward to television shows that have not had an official premiere yet.  While some of these shows already have 2018 premiere dates announced, others are still giving out an “early 2018” vague response, as I desperately keep refreshing the internet to see when they will be returning.  Please note some spoilers are ahead if you have not caught up yet on previous seasons.  Without further delay, the 2018 Mid-season TV premieres I am most looking forward to in no particular order are:

The 100

The Affair


Ash vs Evil Dead

Jessica Jones

The 100 ended on a major cliff-hanger last season and I am counting the days until I can see Clark and my other favorite characters from Sky Crew return.  Did “Praimfaya” destroy everything?  Who else has survived?  Will Clark and Bellamy finally get together or will we be forced to endure their unspoken tension between each other for another season?  The questions are endless and I need some serious answers as we move into the new season and this new future world.  Either way, I know that The 100 is up to the challenge and will provide fans with non-stop action and drama.

The Affair had me slightly confused on where it would go after the end of season 3.  While seasons 1 and 2 continued to unravel mysteries and kept audiences guessing who would end up with who, season 3 ended on a different note.  At the end of last season, Noah is left outside staring into his family’s house on Christmas.  They are all clearly happy and at peace and he gets back in the cab not knowing where to go next.  Does he go after Alison or somewhere completely new?  It is very open-ended, but I am looking forward to The Affair getting back to its roots.  Perhaps this means introducing some more new characters into the mix and saying goodbye to others, but the show still has a story left to tell and I’m ready for more.

Homeland is another show that left fans with a jam-packed finale, finally saying goodbye to a main character we have come to trust and rely on in previous seasons.  At the end of the season, Carrie had been shut out of the White House, which has us wondering what threats will she have to deal with next?  Will she be able to trust anyone?  What will happen to Saul?  The unanswered questions will soon be revealed, as the show is set to premiere in mid-February.

Ash vs Evil Dead is coming back in February as well.  After a long hiatus from season 2, I am looking forward to the return of “ashy slashy” and friends.  Our favorite characters were left celebrating in season 2 and it seems like life may return to normal, but we know that evil is lurking somewhere close.  Ash cannot put his chain-saw arm into retirement just yet.  What kind of demons will he face?  Will the gang be reunited?  While we are unsure of the threats and set-up, we know we can count on Ash for hilarious over-the-top humor and campy horror.

Jessica Jones is scheduled to return to Netflix in early March 2018 along with Jessica’s quick wit and jaded past.  After defeating her enemy, Kilgrave in season 1, will she be able to put her life back together again?  Is he truly gone and if so, who will she be facing in the upcoming season?  Will we find out more about her past and explore her super-powers further?  While I am not sure where we will be going in season 2, I am along for the ride.  Jessica Jones may not be a hero we typically think of in the spotlight, but her character is deep and complicated and she has a way of showing the bad guy who’s boss while remaining true to herself.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post the shows you are looking forward to premiering in 2018 in the comments below.  Happy viewing and the countdown to 2018 is here!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

My top television shows of 2017 on Local Networks: Cheers to the CW!

Greetings TV Fans!  For today, I am going to be listing my top favorite television shows that aired in 2017 on local networks.  While some shows near the top of my list were no surprise for me, there were others that were a pleasant revelation, providing just the right amount of entertainment.  There were also some shows that I used to enjoy a lot which fell short this past year and are in need of something earth-shattering to happen in 2018 to get them back to the top of the pack.  While I haven’t gotten a chance to view all shows that aired new episodes in 2017, I did get to more than I initially anticipated.  Please feel free to include some of your favorites below as well.  Once again, I will be breaking the shows into 3 categories:  the best of the best, honorable mentions, and shows that have lost some steam.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.

The Best of the Best of television shows airing on local networks for 2017 in no particular order are:



The 100

The Mick

Prison Break Revival

The CW network had some real contenders for 2017 and proved that they are not just a network holding on to a few fan favorites to survive.  It is no secret that Supernatural has been the longest running show on their network, but I was pleased to see so much content in the episodes airing in 2017.  Sam and Dean continued to keep fans hooked with their charm and humor while dealing with the British Men of Letters and understanding why their mother is back from the dead.  The boys encountered new enemies and dealt with their own inner demons along the way, reminding us that they can be just as vulnerable as we are deep down.  The 100 proved to have another addicting season, which has been the perfect mid-season show in my opinion.  Clark and the others left us with a cliff-hanger, where they end up going back into space because the world is no longer habitable.  Will they survive?  Seems likely since we should have another season premiering soon, but all bets are off.  The most pleasant introduction for me on the CW was Riverdale, based on the Archie comic series.  While the series has just the right amount of bubble gum pop providing fans with a nostalgic feel from the comic series, it takes on a life of its own.  Riverdale gives fans the perfect blend of romance and mystery, providing more depth for some of our beloved characters.  Fox also had some great shows airing in 2017, including The Mick and Prison Break Revival.  Kaitlin Olson proved that she can be a starring lady for sure, stepping out from the shadow of her stars on It’s Always Sunny to provide fans with a raw and edgy new comedy balanced with some family values in-between.  Since I am a big fan of Prison Break, I was excited to see the revival air this year, providing fans with a solution to the ending that left so many of us wondering what went wrong.  Michael and Lincoln were back with a new prison to escape from, bringing some new and old friends along for the ride.  The series still had that same amount of edge-of-your-seat action that hooked us initially, allowing us to root for the brothers once again.

Honorable mentions for television shows airing on local networks for 2017 in no particular order:


Hawaii Five-0

Once Upon a Time

Modern Family

Grimm aired its last season in 2017 which was actually entertaining and brought everything full circle for fans.  While the series had lost some of its edge from earlier seasons, this last one proved that it would not go out without a fight.  While one fairy-tale show came to an end, Once Upon a Time started fresh introducing some new characters and story-lines along the way.  While some of our favorite characters are no longer around, it made sense to give the show a fresh chance.  Some of the newcomers have actually been quite entertaining, working nicely with fan-favorites, Regina and Hook.  Will they be able to keep the momentum going?  Time will tell.  Hawaii Five-0 and Modern Family are shows that I consistently watch that gave us just the right amount of consistent entertainment to satisfy fans.  While both shows have been on the air for a while now, they are still giving viewers what they are looking for, but may need to refresh every once in a while.

Television shows airing on local networks for 2017 that are running out of steam in no particular order are:



Lethal Weapon

I have watched all of the episodes from the three shows above and was somewhat disappointed overall in the seasons from 2017.  While Lethal Weapon started out promising, it has not had the same punch it initially gave us when it premiered.  Perhaps the show has run its course, but I am confident it still has a spark left to give us the action and laughs we enjoyed originally.  Elementary had very low ratings in 2017 and fans are still waiting for a new season.  While it looks like this may happen, it will have to be something so over-the-top and different to bring fans back.  Arrow has been slipping with each new year which is very disappointing for me.  While the CW has had some great success with its super-hero shows, Arrow keeps slipping and forcing story-lines.  I am still rooting for Oliver Queen, but perhaps we need to shake things up and keep a character that has been killed off actually dead.   I will keep watching, but Arrow is losing steam for sure.  Let’s make it a great 2018 for shows everywhere and hope these shows ignite a spark that will keep viewers coming back for more and more.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post some of your favorite television shows from 2017 that aired on local networks below.  Happy viewing and the countdown to 2018 is here!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

Ranking the top 5 television series with numbers in the title: What’s your favorite zip code?

Happy Wednesday TV Fans!  As I am counting the days until the weekend and I am sure you are too, it got me thinking about numbers in particular on television.  I started to create a list of television series with numbers in the title and couldn’t believe how many there were over the years.  If you are bored at all throughout the day, I challenge you to create a list of as many number TV shows as you can without using the internet of course. 🙂  It’s actually really fun and you can post how many you were able to come up with in the comments.  Naturally, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to rank my top TV shows that fit into this category.  My top 5 TV shows containing numbers in the title are:

5) One Tree HillOne Tree Hill has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I used to watch Soapnet all day when I worked from home and this show came on quite a bit.  I was actually really disappointed that they took the show off of Netflix streaming because it is really addicting to watch.  While it may seem like your typical teenage soap centered on high school drama, the show does a good job of involving real issues as well.  There is a strong emphasis on family in the show and the narrator and main character, Lucas Scott, has a romantic view of the world, which elevates the show for me and ties in epic works of literature along with a lot of important thoughts that may have crossed our minds in different points in our lives.

4) 24.  While I have to admit, I have not gotten a chance to watch through this show recently, it is my mother’s absolute favorite and I thought very deserving of a spot in the top 5 even though it is not necessarily my top choice.  When this show aired on television, it had a quality that hooked the audience to watch the show live similar to The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones now.  You didn’t want to merely record 24 because you could miss something crucial or you didn’t want someone around you to spoil what happened.  The number 24 is significant in the series and not just merely in the title, as each season contained 24 episodes covering the 24 hours in Jack Bauer’s life.  All of the events happen in real time, which keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat seeing everything from Agent Bauer’s point of view.

3) 13 Reasons Why.  When this series streamed on Netflix earlier in the year, it was considered to be very controversial because of the subject matter and targeted audience.  As a result, it got mixed reviews.  After watching the first episode for myself, I found myself binge-watching the season all in one day.  While I am sure many of you have done the same, the show did an excellent job of drawing the viewer in wanting to unlock the real reasons why Hannah Baker decided to end her life and how her friend, Clay Jensen is involved.  Rather than leave a suicide note, Hannah records everything on 13 audio cassette tapes and has them delivered to the different people responsible so that they can hear the whole story.  While the show makes you want to dive deeper into truth, there is something very raw and painful about the emotions that are revealed along the way from each character who wronged Hannah and how they are dealing with the aftermath of her death along with issues in their own lives that they are facing.

2) The 100.  I have to admit that this is one of my favorite shows on television right now and I am counting the days until new episodes are aired.  The 100 reminds me of a futuristic version of Lost, revealing mystery after mystery where you truly can’t guess what is coming next.  The series starts off after earth has been destroyed by the nuclear war and the remaining survivors are living in a space station called the Ark.  However, air and supplies are running low and the leaders of the Ark make the decision to send 100 juvenile prisoners down to earth.  While it seemed initially that they were sending them off to die to sacrifice the few to save the many, earth is in fact livable again.  The prisoners are all trying to exist in a world without adults and laws, but find out that earth has many dangers, including other people who were already living there, “Grounders,” who are not looking forward to sharing their land with these invaders.  While each threat is dealt with, a new one emerges, forcing the Sky survivors to deal with betrayal, love, death, and war.

1) Beverly Hills, 90210.  It should be no surprise that my top choice takes place in our favorite zip code.  The show lasted for 10 years and even had a revival series done years later.  Many of us have grown up watching our favorite twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh move from Minnesota to the very different and superficial Beverly Hills, California.  The soap-drama is a guilty pleasure of many and I recently watched through the entire series again over the summer.  Through all of the drama, this group of friends sticks together and grows up fast in a materialistic world only to realize that things don’t come as easily as they did in high school and that you can’t always buy your way out of everything.  While many of the plots are outrageous and over the top, there is a lesson in all of them, and we find ourselves rooting for each character who we have come to know well from years of watching them.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your comments below about any of these shows or some of your own favorites.  If you do complete the challenge, feel free to post how many shows you were able to come up with that do have a number in the title.  Happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl