My performance of the week ending 6/1/19 on TV goes to…

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin on The 100. I have always been such a fan of Eliza’s portrayal of Clarke, but she just took things to the next level, while channeling her inner Josephine.  Please note some spoilers are ahead.  In season 6 episode 5, Clarke still looks like Clarke, except Josephine Lightbourne has now inhabited her body, claiming that Clarke is gone for good.  Whether this is true or not, Clarke/Josephine is ready to let loose and have some fun. 

Clarke has always tried to be such a strong leader and sometimes she has had to make tough decisions to help save the world, but it’s almost like that weight has now been lifted off of her shoulders, as she lets her hair down and dances around to music.  Maybe this is what the real Clarke actually needs, but we know that Josephine is extremely dangerous and a potentially formidable foe.  Either way, it was really fun to see this sassy and seductive side of Eliza, almost like she has now embraced a completely new character and I was impressed and entertained by her range as an actress.

What’s next for Clarke/Josephine? Bellamy has already discovered the truth and the Bellarke fan in me knows that he will do everything in his power to help free Clarke, but Murphy is a wild card for sure.  Immortality is filled with so many possibilities, but let’s hope that there is a way to save our girl Clarke.  In the meantime, I’m kind of enjoying this villainess emerging and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl

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5 Spoiler Free Reasons why you should watch “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Part Two on Netflix: Dancing with the Devil

“My soul is who I am and I signed it away willingly.”  So what happens when we make that Faustian deal?  Are we destined for darkness or can we still choose a path of light?  For Sabrina Spellman, finding a balance between her mortal life and her witch one becomes that much more complicated in Part Two.  Part Two features 9 episodes and they are all currently streaming on Netflix as of April 5th 2019. 

After watching all of the episodes in one weekend, I can tell you that I am even more hooked than I was before.  While Part One subtly dipped us into darkness, we have now submerged ourselves in it completely, as the gates of hell threaten everyone in Greendale.  However, sometimes the most dangerous threat is staring back at us in the mirror.  Do we embrace the darkness or do we continue to fight for good to prevail?  Please note that major spoilers have been left out for your convenience so feel free to read away!  My top 5 reasons to check out Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part Two are: 


Part Two is darker.

The spells are darker, the threats are darker, and even the romance is.  Sabrina embraces her life as a witch, but quickly realizes that she may no longer be able to balance it with her mortal life.  We learn about dark prophecies and fears, as Part Two does not hold back.  It gives us the perfect amount of horror and has quickly become one of my favorite shows about witches of all time.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer nostalgia.

Some fans of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina mentioned that they thought the show was similar to Buffy back in Part One.  While I did see some similarities with certain episode plots, it still seemed far away from Buffy, which is one of my favorite series of all time and it’s difficult for a show to even come close to this for me.  However, Part Two was a different story.  We discover a lot about the gates of hell in Part Two, which will have you thinking about the hellmouth in Sunnydale.  Also, Sabrina’s mortal friends come together and start helping out a lot more this season, reminding me a lot of the Scoobies in Buffy.  Alexis Denisof (Wesley from Buffy and Angel) is a fun guest star and we also see a darker romance for Sabrina, which gave me a lot of Bangel feels.  The end of Part Two will have you making some comparisons to “Becoming Part II” of Buffy, which is my favorite episode of all time.  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is unique and can stand on its own, but I thoroughly enjoyed some of these parallels, which made me like the show even more.


All hail the Villainess, Ms. Wardwell.

One of my favorite characters on the show is Ms. Wardwell, better known as Lilith.  In Part Two, her character is explored a lot more and she becomes even more entertaining, if that is possible.  I always love a worthy villainess and while some of the Weird Sisters continue with their antics in Part Two, Ms. Wardwell takes the cake as a villainess you do not want to mess with.  We get to understand a little bit more about her motives as well and her dynamic with Alexis Denisof’s character, Adam, is very entertaining.


Kiernan Shipka.

I devoted a previous blog to Kiernan Shipka’s performance as Sabrina Spellman and even gave her my performance of the week.  Kiernan elevates Sabrina’s character to something greater in Part Two.  She is so convincing and she constantly challenges authority, proving to be a female role model one can look up to.  Sabrina never shies away from a challenge and always speaks her mind and tries to do what she can to make a difference.  She is so believable and strong, but she makes mistakes too, allowing us to relate to her that much more.  I absolutely love seeing Sabrina’s character enter into more layers, as we get to peel back each one to discover more and more about who she is and who she is destined to be.


New and dangerous threats.

Part Two gives us so many new threats and a lot of twists and turns as well.  Sabrina continues to be tested and we get a huge reveal later in the season, which will have you glued to your television.  Even with all of the dangerous threats thrown Sabrina’s way, she continues to persevere.  However, we quickly realize that Sabrina’s biggest threat may be herself, but are we ever truly able to separate our darkness from our humanity?  Just when you think you have witnessed the Big Bad of Part Two, a new threat emerges, keeping us entertained and guessing until the very end.  I fell in love with this series in Part One, but my love has now quickly become an obsession, which is a good thing.  I hope you enjoy Part Two as much as I did and I absolutely recommend it.  Ready to watch?

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in the comments section below.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 villains from “Angel”

Happy Wednesday TV Fans!  For today, I have returned to one of my old favorites, Angel, as I am currently on the last season of my re-watch.  I have such an appreciation for this spin-off series of Buffy, as it really was not afraid to dive deeper into the darkness that exists all around us.  Angel Investigations had a mission to “help the helpless” and they did run into their fair share of villains along the way.  However, they faced some demons they never saw coming, some evil foes from their past, and even villains among each other.

These villains became worthy opponents who continued to threaten our beloved characters and the world.  Each villain was unique and terrifying in their own way, but they continuously challenged Angel.  Whether they used the law and corruption to further their agenda or just smashed everything in sight, they deserve a spot in my top 5.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the series yet. My top 5 villains from Angel are:


Holtz collage


Daniel Holtz is a vampire hunter from Angel’s past and he made a deal with a demon named Sahjan so that he could get his revenge on Angel and Darla.  Holtz is the main villain in season 3 and returns from a state of suspended animation to take out “Angelus” once and for all.  Holtz learns that the vampire he knew from long ago is now with a soul, but he still wants to make him suffer.  Angelus killed Holtz’s family and Holtz wants to even the score.

He is a formidable villain because he successfully takes away the one thing that Angel truly cares about.  He doesn’t kill Angel’s son, but he abducts him and takes him to another dimension with the help of Wesley’s betrayal.  Angel’s son, Connor, ends up growing up in another dimension and is raised by Holtz.  Holtz continues to manipulate this love and even has his right hand partner in crime, Justine, kill him so it looks like Angel did it.

Holtz wants to ensure that Angel’s son will hate him for the rest of time, which is a revenge that would hurt Angel more than any other type of torture thrown his way.  Holtz was contemplative in his plan and truly impacted Angel, proving to be a villain worthy of my top 5 for sure.


The beast collage

The Beast

The Beast is a nearly unstoppable demon that emerges in season 4.  When Cordelia returns to earth, she has visions about this particular demon, which seems to be connected to Connor somehow.  The Beast is very powerful and Angel has a tough time fighting him.  The Beast begins killing members of the “Ra-Tet” to successfully banish the sun.  The Beast is all about destruction, but we eventually learn that his strings are being pulled by Jasmine, who has taken over Cordelia’s body.

Even though The Beast is not a master manipulator, he is powerful enough to hurt everyone in his path, including Faith, who tries to help bring back Angel once he is turned into Angelus.  The Beast was a villain made for nightmares and he definitely gave me some during my re-watch and he may have been Angel’s toughest opponent when it comes to combat.


Dru and darla collage

Darla & Drusilla

The delicious and dark duo that wreaked havoc in season 2 absolutely deserve a spot on my list.  By themselves, Darla and Drusilla prove to be dangerous, but as a tag team they are truly masterful.  After Darla is brought back as a human in season 2, Wolfram & Hart recruit Drusilla to turn her into a vampire.

These two bad-ass ladies just want to have fun, as they even go on a shopping spree that is to die for…literally.  Angel has close ties to both of them from his past, which makes them formidable foes.  My favorite episode with them is “Reunion,” (Season 2, episode 10), where they decide to turn the tables on Wolfram & Hart and deliver a “massacre” just like they ordered.  Only the massacre is on the lawyers, as they kill everyone at the party except for Lindsey and Lilah.

They even spark a darkness within Angel, as he allows Darla and Drusilla to kill everyone at the party.  He is not Angelus in this moment, but something else, as his past consumes him and he almost turns off his humanity here, which proves just how dangerous this duo was.


Jasmine collage


After fans were initially shocked that Cordelia could be the potential big bad in Season 4, we learn that Jasmine has been controlling her and pulling the strings.  Cordelia ends up giving birth to Jasmine, which puts her into a coma, and the goddess is released into the world.  You would think that Jasmine would be all about destruction, but her methods are different, as she creates a world of “shiny happy people.”  You know she was evil when she got Angel to wear yellow.

Everyone is enamored by Jasmine, as they flock to her and will do anything to make her happy, which is beyond dangerous.  Later on, Fred is exposed to Jasmine’s blood and sees the true face of Jasmine, which consists of maggots and rotting flesh.  Thanks to Fred, everyone else is eventually able to see what Jasmine truly is and we learn that she consumes large groups of people at a time to maintain her strength.  So, basically she eats people, but in a happy, cheery way.

Jasmine is a worthy villain because she was able to successfully infiltrate Angel’s group and use Cordelia to be reborn into the world.  She was also a villain that Angel could not just merely fight and attack, as her manipulation of the world was something transcendent of violence, but luckily we had our girl Fred there to make a difference.

Some honorable mentions before revealing my number one pick are:

  • Angelus
  • Illyria (although I don’t personally classify her as a villain)
  • Skip
  • Vocah


WOlfram collage.jpg

Wolfram & Hart

It should be no surprise that my favorite villain has to go to “Wolfram & Hart.”  I decided to keep them as a collective, rather than break them up individually, because that was the point of this evil law firm.  While Buffy had to fight endless demons, gods, and vampires, Angel had to deal with evil lawyers who were not afraid to cut through red tape to further their agenda.  My standout lawyers from Wolfram & Hart were Lindsey and Lilah, but the entire concept of an evil law firm was pure genius. 

The lawyers of Wolfram & Hart successfully use manipulation and corruption, which is not something Angel can just easily fight or attack.  They actually helped Angel become an even stronger hero, as he needed to think outside the box to outsmart them again and again.  In season 5, Angel is presented with the opportunity to lead the Wolfram & Hart branch in LA, which was a shock to many viewers.  Even though Angel tries to do good with the resources he now has readily available, there are still consequences and threats thrown his way.

The ultimate last apocalypse of the series is unleashed from Wolfram & Hart, which reminded us that they were the very source of the evil walking the earth.  Whether you love them or hate them, you have to respect the unique methods of Wolfram & Hart, as this law firm absolutely earns my top spot today.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to share some of your own thoughts and comments on your favorite villains from Angel. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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