Ranking the top 5 moments from “The 100” season 5 episode 3: “283 lives. She must be pretty important to you. She is.”

Happy Wednesday TV fans!  After watching the CW’s The 100 season 5 episode 3 last night, I’ve learned that sometimes you need to make hard decisions to protect the ones you love.  Whether that means putting yourself in danger, lying to your friends, or threatening the lives of 283 people to save the one person you have thought about for the last five years, you do these things to put those you love above yourself.  Bellarke fans should be excited because I sure am.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Sleeping Giants,” Clarke and Madi make a run for it, but Clarke is captured by Diyoza and the prisoners from the ship.  Meanwhile, Bellamy and the others investigate the foreign ship and find an unexpected surprise, while Raven makes a courageous decision.  My top 5 moments from The 100 season 5 episode 3 are:


“Go to war with the army you have…not the army you want.”

The leader of the prisoners, Diyoza has proven to be strong, calculating, and somewhat reasonable.  While we ultimately learn that she is responsible for leading the mutiny on the prisoner ship, it should be no surprise how she became the leader.  She thinks clearly about her decisions, but is not afraid to use force to make her point.  While we still have a lot to learn about her and her people, she is not taking any chances when it comes to finding out all she can from the survivors here on earth.  Time will tell if we can truly trust her or not, however.


“Spare me the space lesson.”

Bellamy and the others decide to investigate the foreign ship, looking for fuel and a way to the ground.  They initially think that perhaps the ship contained prisoners and the ones left are descendants, making them survivors like them, but they are in for a surprise.  Raven quickly puts her technical skills to the test and they do have a real way down to the ground.  Bellamy realizes that they can hear their radios and is concerned about who they are chasing, fearing it could be Octavia or someone else they left behind in the bunker.  Bellamy says, “We gotta get down there now,” not wanting to abandon those still on the ground.


“If you let her go, I’ll tell you everything.”

While Clarke and Madi are on the run, Clarke is captured.  Initially she does not say anything, but gives herself away when she pays close attention to the radio.  When Diyoza orders for Madi to be killed on sight, she begs her not to hurt her and tells her that she will cooperate.  Diyoza needs Clarke to find out what happened to the world, as she understands it is necessary to collect as much information as she can to survive here on earth.  Diyoza suggests, “Let’s begin with how the world ended” and Clarke honestly replies with, “Which time?”  Clarke has always done what is necessary to lead and survive, but it is clear that her love for Madi makes her vulnerable.  One cannot blame her, however; as she has been alone for quite some time and Madi is all that she has left in the world.  Like a mother, she is willing to sacrifice everything to save her child.


“1 down.  299 to go.”

While on board the foreign ship, Bellamy and the others realize that they are not alone.  The prisoners left behind are in “Cryosleep” and they discover that they can be woken up remotely.  When Diyoza realizes that the alarm was triggered on the ship, one prisoner is woken up as a security measure.  It takes three of them to ultimately kill the prisoner and they discover a recording from the captain that reveals that the prisoners had taken over.  Bellamy and the others are faced with a difficult decision.  Do they take the lives of the prisoners on board or do they come up with a different strategy?  Murphy reminds them that “Clarke died so we can live and this is how we do it.”  Bellamy takes his time to make a decision, however; and works with Raven on a plan.  They can tell their new potential enemies to put down their weapons or they will pull the plug on the prisoners still asleep, which gives them leverage.  However, there is always the chance that the prisoners will not care about the lives of those in Cryosleep.  The other problem is that someone has to stay behind to trigger the remote on the ship.  Raven steps up to do the right thing, but Bellamy doesn’t want to leave her behind, still feeling the guilt from when he left Clarke behind.  Raven assures him that there is an escape pod waiting and Murphy decides to stay back as well.  Raven is shocked to see him and tells him that there is no escape pod, as she knew it was the only way to convince Bellamy to leave.  While we don’t know how Raven and Murphy will make it out of there if everything goes according to plan, Emori successfully lands on earth and everyone has a new threat to deal with.


“283 lives.  She must be pretty important to you.  She is.”

So the moment we have been waiting for is finally here!  When Bellamy and the others are surrounded by the prisoners, Madi saves them and immediately recognizes Bellamy.  In a heartwarming moment, she exclaims, “Bellamy!  Clarke knew you would come.”  Bellamy is shocked and relieved to hear that Clarke is alive, but needs to focus on the current threat.  Clarke is brought outside and Diyoza puts an electric collar on her that is barbaric and painful, revealing that she has a very dangerous side that you do not want to cross.  Clarke is shocked when Bellamy walks up and shows Diyoza the mug from the ship, proving that the lives of the sleeping prisoners are in his hands.  When Bellamy says how important Clarke is, Bellarke fans everywhere are cheering, including myself.  While this may not be a shared passionate embrace or kiss, these words remind us why we root for these two to ultimately be together.  Their bond is something transcendent.  They fight for each other even when they think they are gone and will do whatever it takes to save the other.  While we know that the threat is nowhere near over, the look in Clarke’s eyes when she sees Bellamy is one of pure hope and love.  Also, congratulations to The 100 for being renewed for season 6!  We will meet again!

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on The 100 in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


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