Spoiler-Free Review of “Disenchanted” on Disney+: Amy Adams Lights up the Screen Once Again

*This is a spoiler-free review so feel free to read on!*

“What if I told you that ever after wasn’t the end of their story?”

Disenchanted premiered on Disney+ on November 18th 2022. The film is a sequel to 2007’s Enchanted. It stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Idina Menzel, and Maya Rudolph. It runs for approximately two hours.

Years after finding her happily ever after, Giselle and her family move to the suburbs where they don’t really fit in, leading to her making an unexpected wish that may threaten both her community and the world of Andalasia.

Here is the trailer:

Disenchanted is the latest Disney sequel to air many years later. Does it still possess the charming magic of the original film while adding something new to the franchise? Let’s find out…

The Pros:

Images courtesy of Disney+

Amy Adams is better than ever.

You would think it was only yesterday that she portrayed the character of Giselle. Once again, Amy Adams gives us a magical performance that is well worth the wait. She’s a dream as Giselle and we even get to witness another side of her (courtesy of her wish), giving us some more layers this time around.

It was fun seeing some other familiar faces as well and the newcomers did a good job with what they were given. Maya Rudolph was perfectly cast for her role and was wickedly entertaining.

Images courtesy of Disney+

Clever premise.

I absolutely loved the idea of there being more to the story after happily ever after because of course there is. The whole premise was really clever and allowed us to see Giselle in a new kind of world so that things still felt fresh. Otherwise it would have been a very repetitive story.

There were definitely some Once Upon a Time vibes going on, which I loved. OUAT writer, Brigette Hales, created the Disenchanted script so of course that makes sense, but it honestly worked to the film’s advantage.

I also loved the pop of color throughout the film, making this a gorgeous watch from start to finish.

The Cons:

Images courtesy of Disney+

Supporting characters weren’t given enough to do…

It honestly felt like Patrick Dempsey was a cameo. I forgot he was even in the film several times. I think he needed more to do here. I get that this wasn’t about their love story anymore, but he’s perfectly capable of commanding the screen so I was slightly disappointed with this.

James Marsden was fantastic as ever, but barely appeared in the film. Yvette Nicole Brown and Jayma Mays are both such funny actresses and I had high hopes for them in this, but they really weren’t given much to do here either.

I also felt like this film burst into song a little too much. I don’t remember there being THAT many songs in the original film or maybe those songs were just better? Either way, I felt slightly disconnected every single time a new song began.

So am I in or out?

Images courtesy of Disney+

I’m in!!!

A clever spin on the original film with plenty of magic to go around.

This film was far from perfect and not as good as the original, but it still had enough entertaining moments to make me smile throughout my watch and that’s what I was hoping for.

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Disenchanted in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


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It was only supposed to be temporary…but when Olivia Crewe accepts a new position that seems too good to be true, she soon discovers that twelve other girls previously had the same job as her. Only none of them lasted for more than thirty days. No notice. Nothing…right before they mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

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Ranking the top 5 moments from “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” season 8 episode 6: “What the F*ck Happened in this House?”

Happy Thursday TV fans!  After watching the FX network’s American Horror Story:  Apocalypse season 8 episode 6 last night, the episode we have all been waiting for has finally arrived and it was everything we could have asked for and more.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the latest episode yet.  In last night’s episode, “Return to Murder House,” Madison and Behold play house and are determined to find out more about Michael Langdon.  Meanwhile, it’s like the high school reunion you actually want to attend, as we get to catch up with our favorite characters from season one and detect some fun Easter eggs along the way.  My top 5 moments from American Horror Story:  Apocalypse season 8 episode 6 are:


“We look like the worst possible versions of Heidi Klum and Seal.”

In the beginning of the episode, Madison and Behold arrive at Murder House and are ready to temporarily move in to speak to the spirits residing there.  Madison’s black ensemble when she first walks up the steps is absolutely fabulous and she is ready for her second chance.  Madison and Behold’s partnership is absolutely delightful, as Behold reminds her that he had to put on khakis, so it’s a hard day for everyone.  Seriously can we give these two their own show?  After Madison hilariously exclaims that she is ready to make some babies in her new home, the realtor explains that he needs to disclose everything about the house, including the 36 murders that took place here before.  I guess it will be a little crowded inside.


“So you’re like a shitty Miss Cleo?”

Madison and Behold perform a spell so that they are able to see and speak to the spirits in Murder House and it seems like it worked perfectly, as Madison detects a red ball rolling her way, reminding us that Beau is around and ready to say hi.  They also quickly cross paths with the “psychic to the stars,” Billie Dean Howard, who predicted that the Antichrist would bring about the apocalypse back in season one.  She knows that Madison and Behold are witches, but she keeps this information to herself.  Is it that she doesn’t want to get involved or is there some other reason for her silence?  Billie Dean also tells Madison that she has known other Montgomerys, potentially confirming that Madison is somehow related to Dr. Montgomery.  Sarah Paulson has been quite busy directing and playing a number of characters, but she is keeping us all entertained for sure.  We also cross paths with the maid, Moira O’Hara, who Constance is looking to get rid of.  After finding her bones, Madison and Behold agree to bury her near her mother so that she can finally be at peace.  Now on to some of our absolute favorites!


“I was born to be a mother.”

Jessica Lange definitely knows how to make an entrance.  When Madison and Behold meet her, she greets them by saying, “I’m Constance Langdon and this is my f*cking house.”  Constance seems willing to help Madison and Behold, but reminds them that “I don’t spill a drop of tea for free.”  After removing Moira from the premises, Constance keeps up her end of the bargain and gives us a tell all about her past as Michael Langdon’s grandmother.  Constance thought of Michael as a “chance for a do over” and further explains that “he was my destiny.”  Constance began to detect that something was not right with Michael right away.  She used to find dead insects and rodents by his crib, which she thought of as “presents.”  She buried each dead thing in the garden and covered it up with a rose bush, until her yard was completely full of them.  She mentions a dead babysitter as well and explains that at least she didn’t have to bury that one.  I guess that’s a win?  Constance reveals that one day she walked in and Michael had aged a decade over night.  It’s like he was “in a hurry to get somewhere.”  Constance felt that she was born to be a mother and Michael gave her the opportunity to feel like she truly mattered.  She soon realized that Michael was done with her and decided to leave the world on her own terms, taking her life in Murder House so that she could be reunited with her family forever.  We also get a glimpse of Constance’s fourth child, who she refers to as a “beauty queen,” but is missing her eyes.  Jessica Lange is no stranger to putting on a fantastic show throughout the seasons and she has her grand “bon voyage” moment in the spotlight here, dancing and swirling around with star quality.


“And all who dwell on the earth will worship him.”

After speaking to Constance, Madison and Behold offer to help Ben Harmon, who spends his days crying and masturbating by the window, which has become “his thing.”  Dylan McDermott is back and he reveals his own past with Michael, explaining that he thought of him like a son and that he was the “only light to come out of all this.”  While Ben began bonding with Michael, Tate was not as receptive to him, telling him to “stay away from my shit.”  Michael didn’t listen all too well; however, as he began putting on the Rubber Man suit and ended up killing a lesbian couple who moved in.  Tate had been responsible for killing a gay couple in the suit back in the day.  Ben was horrified by Michael’s actions here and then further explains that he didn’t just kill them, but he “made them cease to exist.”  Ben walked away from Michael, explaining that he could have never helped him and Michael continued to turn toward darkness.  Madison comments that “our new Supreme is pretty much pure evil” and in walks Vivian, played by the wonderful Connie Britton, who is ready to finally make amends with her husband and share some information as well.  Vivian talks about the “Church of Satan” and we finally get to learn how Ms. Mead entered Michael’s life.  They referred to him as “The Chosen One” and said he was born over the mouth of hell.  After performing a dark mass ritual, Michael consumed the sacrifice and we see a shadow of Satan over his shoulders.  Vivian explains that “he was born from the evil of this house and the source of darkness is his true father and he is here to destroy the world.”  Behold later asks some important questions like “what if we can’t stop him and what happens then?  I’m right there with you Behold, as Michael’s powers are coming from the source of all evil and I’m not sure that anyone is a match for him.


“Maybe you just need to see the truth for yourself.”

Have you ever wanted to re-write the ending for some of your favorite characters so that they can get the happy ending they deserve?  Well AHS pretty much gave fans that very opportunity in last night’s episode.  Madison actually tries to do some good and has a heart-to-heart talk with Violet.  She recognizes the “romantic tragedy” right in front of her and tries to explain that the evil within Tate left once Michael did.  Violet has trouble believing her and Madison magically helps her see the truth for herself.  Violet and Tate share a beautiful moment together and embrace by the window, as fans cheer everywhere.  Behold comments that Madison is “really nothing but a softie” and I am happy to see her finally doing some good for others.  Even though we see a glimmer of a happily ever after for Violet and Tate, Madison and Behold know that there will be no more happy endings if they cannot stop Michael.  Madison uses her powers to close the gates to Murder House with her mind, reminding me of Charmed, where we see Prue doing the same thing whenever closing the door to the Halliwell manor.  We have closed the chapter on Murder House, but I have to say that it was an amazing episode and well worth the wait.  Stay tuned!

P.S. fun fact:  Naomi Grossman played Pepper in Asylum and is now featured as one of the Cardinals of Satan.  She is the first character to ever cross over on the seasons, as her original character also appeared on Freak Show.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own theories and thoughts on American Horror Story:  Apocalypse below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!

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Ranking the top 5 couples from “Once Upon a Time”

“I’m a fan of every part of you” (Hook to Emma).  Happy Saturday TV fans!  I invested quite a bit of time over the years into watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time and one of the main reasons why I love the show so much is because I fell in love with the characters and found myself constantly rooting for different ships to make it against all odds.

OUAT does an excellent job of providing us with nostalgia from some of our favorite fairy-tales, but the writers were never afraid to shake things up and present us with a ship that we may have never predicted or some that initially seemed unconventional.  However, once we detected the undeniable sparks between some of these characters, it was quite easy to imagine their stories intertwining.

Villains got their first glimpse at what true love looked like and learned that it was never too late to change and that it was possible to still achieve a happy ending.  While some ships supported each other no matter what, others had to face many trials and obstacles, testing their love for one another constantly.

Some of our favorite ships have been ripped apart brutally and while some were lucky enough to experience their happy ending together, others were not able to do so, but their love still remained unchanging, teaching them to hold on to the goodness still within them and to open their hearts to everyone around them.  An OTP or one true pairing is difficult to find, but these characters below certainly achieved this title, making us believe that true love is possible but it is far from easy to hold on to.

These characters learned never to take their love for granted and would do anything for the other.  Their love for one another helped shaped them into who they were meant to be, inspiring hope throughout their epic stories.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the series yet.  My top five ships from Once Upon a Time are:


Rumple & Belle

Ship name:  Rumbelle

Rumbelle 6 16 1

“But that monster is gone. And the man beneath him may be flawed… but we all are. And I love you for it. Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best teacup is chipped.”

When I first learned that Rumple was also the “beast” in Belle’s story, I was not sure how I felt about this.  Rumple had already been presented as a major villain and it made sense that he would also fit right in as a “beast” or a “monster” in another story or realm, but I wasn’t sure if Rumple would truly be able to shed his wicked ways and learn to love Belle.  However, I changed my mind when I saw Belle looking at Rumple with pure love and acceptance.

When they danced together, it was like the story of “Beauty and the Beast” opened up a new chapter filled with a chance at redemption.  Rumple was one of the most devious villains on the show and somehow Belle was able to get through to him and show him that there was a different path that he could take; a path that led to love and a family, even if they had a rocky journey ahead of them.

Belle always saw the good in Rumple but was hurt many times by him as well when he allowed the darkness to consume him, putting his agenda above his love for Belle without always realizing it.  In season 7, Rumple was desperately trying to rid himself of the Dark One’s dagger and get back to Belle so that they could be together, but ultimately realized that this might never happen and sacrificed himself to save his friends and family.

Rumple’s actions were truly selfless and he was greeted by Belle in limbo so that they could finally be together always and forever.


Snow & Charming

Ship name:  Snowing

Snowing 6 16 1

“True love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

This list would not be complete without including Snow White and Prince Charming.  When the series first began, there was a lot of focus on these two and it was adorable to see their “meet cute” when Snow got caught in the net by Charming.  Out of all of the ships on the series, Snow and Charming are the most stable and constant.  No matter what was thrown at them, they always found their way back to one another and they never gave up on each other.

Even when Charming didn’t remember Snow in Storybrooke, their love was able to seep through, ultimately reminding them that they did belong together.  Emma is the daughter of Snow and Charming and their unconditional love for her made them even stronger.  While their story was often presented as less complicated than some of the other ships on this list, their love was selfless, kind, and unwavering.


Regina & Robin

Ship name:  Outlaw Queen

Outlaw queen 6 16 1

“Our story was so short.  Doesn’t make it any less epic.”

Out of all of the ships on this list, I have to say that I was initially rooting for this couple above all others.  Regina started out as an evil queen with only coldness and revenge in her heart.  However, her feelings for Robin were beautiful and heartwarming.  They were never lacking passion and it seemed like Robin was the absolute perfect match for Regina.

It was predicted that Regina’s true love was a mysterious man with a lion tattoo and when this was revealed as Robin, it was impossible not to root for these two to end up together.  Robin was able to see that Regina had clearly changed and was ready to become a good person.  Robin sacrificed himself to protect Regina just shortly after they talked about their future together, which made this moment even more heartbreaking.  Even though Regina and Robin did not end up together, Robin was always with her in her heart.

In the series finale, Regina was dreaming and Robin visited her.  She told him how much she missed him and explained she may be joining him.  Regina clearly remembered being a villain and started to think that maybe this was what she deserved.  However, the goodness in her was articulated by Robin, who told her that she was able to move her dark actions to the light and that was all because of her.  He told her that “her life is proof that no one’s path is set.” Robin provided Regina with the strength she needed when it seemed like the world was against her.

When he revealed to her how epic their love was, this was one of the most beautiful moments on the show.  While it seemed beyond unfair that these two could not be together, we know that Robin would always be in Regina’s heart, reminding her that her new path is one of goodness and love.


Alice & Robin

Ship name:  Mad Archer

Mad Archer 6 16 1

“I told you we’d always know each other.”

Alice and Robin, also known as Tilly and Margot, possessed a pure and beautiful love.  Fans could not help falling in love with these two, as they reminded us what true love is all about and fans are still talking about them now.  Fan fiction and requests for a Mad Archer spin-off are everywhere and I have to say that I absolutely agree.  There is just something about Alice and Robin that bring us right back to the first moment where we may have experienced love ourselves. 

I’m talking about those over-the-top feelings of butterflies in your stomach and smiling constantly for no reason at all.  When Robin/Margot awkwardly asked Alice/Tilly out on a date and explained she was wearing lip gloss, it was impossible not to identify with these lovely ladies.  Their shyness and awkwardness made them even more lovable and it’s like we were along for their journey, as they tried to get to know one another and shared their dreams and secrets.  Both Alice and Robin had a strong sense of doing what’s right and supporting family and friends no matter what, which made their relationship that much more powerful.

As individual characters they were remarkable, but as a team they were truly something special.  When they finally remembered each other and shared a passionate kiss, it was like you could see the imaginary fireworks going off around them, as fans everywhere cheered.  While we know that they are engaged at the end of the series, their story is far from over and it would be amazing to see a wedding between these two.  After all, Nook should get the chance to walk “Starfish” down the aisle.


Hook & Emma

Ship name:  Captain Swan

Captain Swan 6 16 1

“When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it. It won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”

 My number one ship has to go to Hook and Emma.  When the devilishly handsome Captain Hook sailed into our hearts on OUAT, he initially was out for revenge.  While Hook innocently flirted with Emma from the start, his love for her allowed him to grow as a character and to learn from his wicked past.  Hook was always used to taking the easy way out and making decisions based on how well it suited him.

Emma changed this perspective, however; proving that he could be a selfless man.  When Hook realized his strong feelings for Emma, he even backed down and explained that she should be with Neal so that Henry could have his family all together.  Hook truly loved Emma at this point, but was willing to sacrifice this so that she could find happiness.

Later, when they did end up together, Emma consumed the power of the Dark One and evil corrupted her heart.  The only thing that could bring her back to goodness was Hook’s love for her and his willingness to sacrifice himself to save her.  Emma and Hook had one of the most beautiful relationships on television and their wedding at the end of season 6 was touching and heartwarming.  Hook’s love for Emma transformed him from a villain into a hero one can be proud of, who would never stop fighting for the one he loves.

In the series finale, we finally got to see Hook and Emma again along with their beautiful baby daughter, Hope.  The name of their child is absolutely perfect, symbolizing what kept them going strong all this time.  Emma and Hook never lost hope in each other and it’s wonderful to see that they are starting the next chapter of their lives together.  And so they lived happily ever after…

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to share some of your own thoughts and comments on your favorite ships on OUAT.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 moments featuring Alice and Robin from “Once Upon a Time” season 7: Mad Archer Always and Forever

Happy Saturday TV fans!  I felt a void not having a new episode of Once Upon a Time to discuss today, however; just because OUAT is over, it doesn’t mean we have to take a break from remembering our favorite moments and characters.  After all, their stories will continue on and I am not about to close the book on them just yet.  For today, I am going to be recapping and ranking the top 5 moments featuring my absolute favorite couple from OUAT season 7, Alice and Robin.  Please note spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch the full season yet.  Alice and Robin, also known as Tilly and Margot, possess a pure and beautiful love.  Fans cannot help falling in love with these two, as they remind us what true love is all about.  I’m talking the over-the-top feelings of butterflies in your stomach and smiling constantly for no reason at all.  Alice/Tilly possesses a unique and quirky personality and Robin/Margot balances her out perfectly with her quick wit and calm nature.  Both Alice and Robin have been searching for something or someone and they find exactly what they are looking for in each other.  When Margot returns to Hyperion Heights, she and Tilly have an immediate chemistry that is not to be ignored.  Their first date in Hyperion Heights is beyond adorable, including everything from a sugary treat almost as sweet as them, to an adventure in the bookstore.  Both Alice and Robin have a strong sense of doing what’s right and supporting family and friends no matter what, which makes their relationship that much more powerful.  As individual characters they are remarkable, but as a team they are truly something special.  My top 5 moments featuring Alice and Robin from Once Upon a Time season 7 are:



“Nobin” and “Tower Girl.” (Moment from Season 7, episode 14)

In this episode, we get a glimpse at Alice and Robin’s very own “meet cute.”  Robin points an arrow at Alice, who is spying on her father, Nook from afar.  After Robin reveals the reasoning behind Nook’s new nickname, Alice playfully suggests that they call her “Nobin.”  “Yea don’t call me that,” Robin says, clearly not a fan of her new nickname.  In return, she calls Alice “Tower Girl,” and the two head off to find the troll that is destroying villages.  Alice tries to defend the troll and explains that he is her friend, but Robin is determined to prove that she can live up to the legend of her father.  The ship name for Alice and Robin is Mad Archer and I have to say that the name fits them perfectly, especially after watching them meet for the first time.  Robin is ready to follow through and execute her plan, but Alice’s good nature and naivete intervenes.  While Alice has pure intentions, her logic is not always spot on, but Robin ends up supporting her decision to protect the troll, even if it means standing up to everyone who gets in their way.  And so their romance begins.


 Alice and Robin are ready to save the day. (Moment from Season 7, episode 21)

 After Wish Rumple begins re-writing the history of fairy-tales, Tilly/Alice gets a pain within her and recognizes immediately that something has gone terribly wrong.  She and Margot/Robin go to Tiana for help.  Tiana’s words to her people are inspiring and a magic bean is turned over to help Tilly and Margot get to their friends to save the day.  Only they need to make a quick stop in Storybrooke first to get some help from some friends.  This moment is important because it reminds us how selfless these two characters are.  They have finally remembered who they are and their love for one another, but they put all of that on hold to go and save their family and friends.  Alice and Robin’s actions may go unnoticed, but they are heroes. 


Tilly/Alice and Margot/Robin go on a first date. (Moment from Season 7, episode 18)

 Undeniable sparks have been flying between Tilly and Margot as soon as Margot arrives in Hyperion Heights.  Margot even tells her mother, Zelena/Kelly that she wants to stay behind because of the potential budding romance.  When Margot asks Tilly to join her for a day on the town, she means business, as she even comments that she is wearing lip gloss for the occasion.  After a sugar-rushed treat, Tilly opens up and decides to show Margot her world.  She brings her to a bookstore and tells her how much she loves it because she can go anywhere in the world without moving from this very spot.  After Tilly has a minor breakdown, Margot reminds her that she is there for it all, including the bad.  She gives Alice a bracelet similar to the ones she collected around the world and tells her, “This felt like an adventure to me.”


 “I told you we’d always know each other.” (Moment from Season 7, episode 20)

 After Tilly courageously joined Gothel’s coven to protect her father’s life, she is now under some type of trance, trapped by the magic she is channeling.  Rogers/Nook tells her that he will come back for her and save her and is ready to finally take a leap of faith.  Rogers and Rumple seek out the help of Margot, desperately hoping that she can get through to Tilly before it is too late.  Margot tries to talk Tilly out of this spell, recognizing that perhaps she is just having a really bad day and “maybe we can turn it into a good one.”  Tilly refuses, however; and flings her in the air, shrinking her enemies into almost non-existence, as she remains trapped by the magic consuming her.  When the curse is ultimately broken, Margot and Tilly remember themselves as Robin and Alice…or “Tower Girl.”  When the words, “I told you we’d always know each other” are spoken, you can’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of warmth and love for these two characters being reunited.  They share a kiss and embrace that is beyond transcendent.  Their love for one another is so pure and good, proving that real love can truly conquer all.


 Mad Archer gets their happy ending. (Moment from Season 7, episode 22)

 Alice and Robin have an undeniable friendship and will do anything to protect the other.  In an absolutely swoon-worthy moment, Robin asks Nook for his blessing to marry Alice and he happily agrees.  Nook’s heart is severely weakened from the curse, but Robin reassures him, “no matter what you are walking Alice down that aisle!”  While we don’t get to see the wedding for these two, I can only imagine how truly romantic it will be.  I feel like they should travel the world and get married in front of a beautiful sunset, as they take on new adventures together.  After all, these two beautiful and courageous women turn browsing a bookstore into an adventure.  Either way, we know that they have earned their happily ever after, but their story is far from over.


I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post some of your own favorite moments featuring Mad Archer from OUAT below in the comments section.  Thanks so much for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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Ranking the top 5 moments from “Once Upon a Time” season 7 episode 22 Series Finale: “A Second Chance”

After watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 22 series finale last night, Regina gets it right when she says, “This isn’t an ending.  I hate endings because then your story’s done.”  She reminds us that our stories are far from over and it’s not exactly a new beginning, as Emma suggested, but really more of “a second chance.”  I have to say that this series finale was an emotional roller coaster for me, reminding me why I fell in love with this show in the first place and why it will always remain a favorite for me for years to come.  Please note major spoilers are ahead if you have not gotten a chance to watch yet.  In last night’s series finale, “Leaving Storybrooke,” Alice and Robin try to find some help for their family and realize how complicated it is to explain time travel.  Meanwhile, Rumple and Nook try to break out of the snow globe and Regina desperately attempts to get through to alter-ego Henry before he does something he can never take back.  My top 5 moments from Once Upon a Time season 7 episode 22 series finale are:


“Our story was so short.  Doesn’t make it any less epic.”

Alter-ego Henry has a lot of bottled up anger and plans on taking it out on Regina.  He blames her for all of his problems and thinks that ending her life will bring him some kind of satisfaction.  Regina doesn’t give up and reminds him that in another realm she is his mother.  In a touching moment she says, “You’ve saved me.  Please let me save you now.”  Henry initially turns his mother away, leaving her alone in a prison cell.  While Regina is dreaming, Robin visits her, as he is always still in her heart.  She tells him how much she has missed him and explains she may be joining him.  Regina clearly remembers being a villain and starts to think that maybe this is what she deserves.  However, the goodness in her is articulated by Robin, who tells her that she was able to move her dark actions to the light and that was all because of her.  He tells her that “her life is proof that no one’s path is set,” foreshadowing some of the events to occur later on.  Robin provides Regina with the strength she needs when it seems like the world is against her.  When he tells her how epic their love was, I have to admit that the tears already started coming.  While it seems beyond unfair that these two cannot be together, Robin will always be in Regina’s heart, reminding her that her new path is one of goodness and love.


Mad Archer gets their happy ending.

While I was initially hesitant about all of the changes in season 7, Mad Archer always kept me smiling and cheering for them.  Alice and Robin are beyond adorable and their love is pure and innocent.  They have an undeniable friendship and will do anything to protect the other.  In an absolutely swoon-worthy moment, Robin asks Nook for his blessing to marry Alice and he happily agrees.  Nook’s heart is severely weakened from the curse, but Robin reassures him, “no matter what you are walking Alice down that aisle!”  While we don’t get to see the wedding for these two, I am hoping that a spin-off or special may be in their future?  If not, it is definitely something to consider as these two beautiful and courageous women turn browsing a bookstore into an adventure.  Who wouldn’t want to watch these two lovelies take on the world?  Either way, we know that they have earned their happily ever after and they are responsible for saving Nook and the others from the snow globe, proving that they can be quite resourceful and convincing.  Of course they do have an assist from the absolutely fabulous Zelena, who doesn’t turn away from an opportunity to take a Selfie or to help her daughter from the future.  While they may have unintentionally angered Grumpy after destroying his lunch, one can’t help but fall in love with these two, as they will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love.  Their awkwardness makes them that much more adorable, proving that these two are truly meant for one another.  Well deserved Mad Archer!


“We heard you needed some help.”

After breaking out of the snow globe, Henry rushes off to save his mother, Regina.  He runs into a little trouble on the way and is saved by his grandparents, Snow White and Prince Charming!  While I was expecting them to turn up sooner or later, I was squealing and cheering for two of my favorite characters.  Snow and Charming bring together a round table to discuss their plan of action and look around them to see friends who used to be enemies, a new generation, and new friends who remind them of old friends, allowing Nook to take his rightful place at the table.  They learn that Wish Rumple’s plan is to use alter-ego Henry’s emotions against him so that he can cast a spell that will trap every single hero in their own portal or prison of loneliness.  He tests the spell out on poor Blue who doesn’t even really get a chance to interrupt, but it’s clear that this fate ends with all of our favorite characters winding up alone.  Snow White explains that they need to remind everyone not to lose hope and that they just have to believe to succeed.  While Snow White is certainly keeping a positive attitude here, Wish Rumple is ready to unleash his spell on every hero who has ever gotten in his way.


“A weak coward will not be the Rumplestiltskin the world remembers.”

Rumple refuses to let Wish Rumple win.  As the portals are all opened, Regina finally gets through to alter-ego Henry and ends the initial threat.  However, Wish Rumple is not about to give up that easily.  Our Rumple explains that he has evolved and is ready to do what’s right.  He even calls Wish Rumple “crocodile!”  He knows that he will be giving up his chance to see Belle again, but is finally ready to embrace the goodness that has been trying to surface for so long.  It’s about time.  Rumple makes the ultimate sacrifice and rips out his own heart.  This destroys Wish Rumple and he gives his heart to Nook who is dying after holding on to Alice so she wouldn’t go through the portal.  The curse between Nook and Alice is broken and Nook is healed.  Earlier Rumple revealed to Nook, “you were the closest thing I ever had to a friend,” which is heartwarming enough, but when Rumple sacrifices his own heart to save his dear friend, his goodness has finally shined through.  Rumple is gone but not forgotten and Regina thanks him for saving them and whispers to him that he does deserve his happy ending.  Belle is waiting for Rumple in the afterlife and the reunion between these two is simply beautiful.  They share a kiss and fade away to their next adventure.  Even though Rumple is gone, his story will live on and he is not alone anymore.  Robin’s earlier words to Regina about no one’s path being set come true here, proving that the greatest of all villains can become a hero one can be proud of.


“I now crown you The Good Queen.”

After the threat with Wish Rumple is finally over, Regina recognizes that they still need to figure out how to get everyone back to their right time and place.  However, she suddenly has a better idea and realizes that they need to cast one more curse.  Only this time everyone will willingly offer up a small piece of their heart for it to work.  The magic can bring everyone together, allowing all of the realms to exist in Storybrooke.  Regina talks about Storybrooke being a secret place tucked away in a forgotten corner in Maine and that’s what fairy-tales are.  They are secretly tucked away under our bed or on our bookshelf and it’s up to us to dust them off and discover mystery and adventure with each new story.  All of the pages come together to make a true collection and to bring together our favorite characters, opening our eyes to the unimaginable.  They give us something to believe in and everyone believes in Regina right now after she is able to successfully bring them all together.  Regina is the new elected ruler to her surprise and everyone is here to support her.  The Evil Queen has truly become “The Good Queen.”  Emma rushes in fashionably late with Hook and their baby, Hope, bringing cheers to OUAT fans everywhere.  After Regina talks about this being “a second chance” rather than an ending, she brings us back to all of the moments that made us cheer, laugh, and cry.  She says, “I refuse to believe there won’t be more adventures, more love, more family, and yes there will be more loss because that’s just a part of life and in the end we can get past it all with hope.”  While she speaks these words that really resonate with all of us, we flash back to some of those pivotal moments in Once Upon a Time, providing us with the perfect blend of nostalgia and closure. 

The series ends with us leaving Storybrooke and takes a moment to pass by the yellow bug and some of our favorite places in town, but it’s not goodbye.  We can always go back to Storybrooke anytime we want.  Our favorite characters still have untold stories that will continue on as long as we keep believing in them and passing them on to the next generation.  We all need something to believe in and OUAT truly sparked this in all of us, immersing us in a world filled with endless possibilities.  No one’s story is set in stone and we all have the chance to spread goodness to those people we love and to those people who may have some trouble believing.  It’s up to us to never give up and to continue to believe in magic and love, which will keep us strong even when the days don’t shine as brightly.  Thank you Once Upon a Time for giving us fans seven years of magic that will never be forgotten.

I hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to post your own thoughts and theories on Once Upon a Time in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading and happy viewing!


Amy Koto, TV Fanatic Girl


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